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 Arch-Angels/Deablo Demon

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Narora Senoku
Founder/Low-General Class
Narora Senoku

Character name : Narora Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : -

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Male Posts : 503
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Age : 23

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PostSubject: Arch-Angels/Deablo Demon   Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:02 pm

Arch-Angels are the highest rank of Angel. They are Angels that have gained their wings. Depending on the Color of the wings, they can be any one of these Arch-Angels:

  • Black: (Dark Angel) This Arch-Angel has powers over the Darkness. Besides having Techniques that use this power, their speed is unmatched when flying. Only Another Arch-Angel level being could catch up to them.
  • White (Light Angel) This Arch-Angel has powers over the Light. Besides having Techniques that use this power, they have the ability to nullify any Dark magics, such as Seals or weaker Techniques. (Techniques they can dispel, depend on how strong the Arch-Angel is)
  • Gold (Life Angel) this Arch-Angel has powers over Life. They are known as the greatest healers in the world, even developing a forbidden technique to bring someone back to life (In exchange for your own life). They can use this Healing Energy in attacks as well, by knowing the Human body, they know where to attack to finish the fight quickest, or cause least/most amount of pain.
  • Silver (Death Angel) This Arch-Angel has powers over death. The most powerful ones, namely Shinigami himself, can take the souls of a being and seal them away for eternity into his stomach, forcing them to fight until one side gives up.

Becoming one of these is determined when you take your Arch-Angel Mark test. To take the test, you must do the following:

  • Become At leased Low-General Level.
  • Unlock the 7th gate.
  • Learn your Sourusodo's True Name.
  • Buy the item, Arch-Angel Mark Test, and make a 1,500 Word Training Topic on it.

When you are finished with the Training Topic, an Admin will tell you two choices of Arch Angel you could become. You get to pic in the next post, and the post after yours, you will become an Arch-Angel and the topic will be locked.

Deablo Demons are the same as Arch-Angels

(Deablo Demon Types suggested by Bakuto Masaki)

Void(Transparent blackish silver wings): This type is amongst the most dangerous Diablo Demons. They are capable of opening small portals that they use to attack the enemy from multiple directions(Think Haku's Demonic Ice Mirrors in execution) but can only open up to 7 portals at any time. It takes longer and more sourupowa to make more then this many(2 post for 8-11. 5 post for 12-16). There is also always one opening in the technique that the opponent can use to escape. Also they can seal off an enemies attack if it is weaker then the Void Diablo Demon that it is used against. They are unnaffected by Death Angel soul stealing techniques.

Hellfire(Black slightly flaming wings): These type are among the most aggressive amd toughest Diablo Demons. They can conjure and control Hellfire. A dark and unholy flame that can burn threw almost anything(except the most high level barriers and those with a sourupowa greater then the Hellfire Diablo Demon) and is hard to extingush. If someone gets caught in these flames they can coat themselves in a large amount of sourupowa or open the Goban gate or higher to extingush it and escape.

Whitebolt(White sparking wings): These types are the fastest amd most precise among the Diablo Demons. They strike with white lightning that can peirce almost any defense(Anything with a greater sourupowa flowing threw it at the point of impact then the power of the lightning can't be peirced and most high leveled barriers). They also can travel threw a bolt of natural lightning. The only thing that can catch up with one is a Void Diablo Demon or an Arch-Angel.

Regenerator(Pale golden wings): Tis type is the most resilient Diablo Demon capable of surviveing almost any fatal wound but decapitation. They are incredible quick healers that can even regenerate a lost limp and internal organs though their healing factor can be slowed down by certain seals like some of those used by Light Arch-Angels or on Worlds full of Light like Heaven. It takes seconds to heal a scratch, a few minutes to an hour to heal a stab wound depending on the severity of it and a day to heal a lost limp unless they focus alot of their sourupowa into the stump which would then take half an hour. They are also phsyically stronger then any other demon type and can train longer then them as well since their muscles are healed faster then normal when torn. They are not overly musclular because of their accelerated healing as well. They can also heal others if they use their own blood and fill it with Sourupowa though the demon they are healing will only be healed at -30% of the Regenerator Diablo Demon's rate due to it being dilluted by their own blood.


  • Become At leased Low-General Level.
  • Unlock the 7th gate.
  • Learn your Sourusodo's True Name.
  • Buy the item, Deablo Demon Mark Test, and make a 1,500 Word Training Topic on it.
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Arch-Angels/Deablo Demon
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