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 Disease Guidelines

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Kaiden Senoku {NPC}
Low-General Class
Kaiden Senoku {NPC}

Character name : Kaiden Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 10 Angels / 10 Demons

Male Posts : 49
Ryo : 23429
Fist Bump : 0

Character sheet
Disease Guidelines Left_bar_bleue300/300Disease Guidelines Empty_bar_bleue  (300/300)
Disease Guidelines Left_bar_bleue300/300Disease Guidelines Empty_bar_bleue  (300/300)
Disease Guidelines Left_bar_bleue15000/15000Disease Guidelines Empty_bar_bleue  (15000/15000)

Disease Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Disease Guidelines   Disease Guidelines Icon_minitimeTue Nov 01, 2011 6:04 pm

There is a such thing as Diseases that go around the worlds and Heaven/Hell. Some can only effect a certain type of race, some effect everybody. But the ones that everybody can get, usually are very easy to get. Others, not so much. It all depends on the Disease.

  • Hemophiliation: (He-mo-phil-e-ay-tion) {Hemo = Blood; Philia(c) = Love; Tion = ending for an Addiction) Hemophiliation mostly effects the Senoku clan. Though it can spread to other people from those with the worst of the Addiction/Disease. It originated from the Senoku Ancestors drinking the blood of their loved ones in a ritual. In ancestors, they were safe, but drinking the blood too much, meant the body would start to crave it and become addicted. The Children, years and years later, now have it as a genetic disease that requires them to drink blood.

    The Disease can be passed onto another person through direct contact with saliva (but the disease must be over 70% concentrated in the saliva). Those without such a concentration, will not give others the disease, unless through a blood transfusion.

    The host will experience a need for blood, almost constantly in those of 85% or more. Those 84% and less will have the need come and go, and each time it comes (and you have not fed on blood) it will be worse, and you will need even more. It will eventually drive the host insane if the need is not filled, and it will kill them from withdrawal without drinking for months.

    All are affected by this Disease. Senoku 80% more than others.

  • Sourukai: (Sou-ru-kai) (Souru = Soul; Kai = Release) Sourukai is a disease that attacks the Sourupowa system. The system is nothing but a central part of the soul that produces power constantly, and Sourukai is a disease that creates two of those souls, but one eats power from the other. Luckily, this is curable with enough Sourupowa from another Angel/Demon injected into the host.

    The disease will constantly lower the host's Sourupowa levels until there is no Sourupowa to hold the soul together, and it eventually breaks apart and vanishes forever. To get the disease, the Host must have been given the polar opposite of their own Sourupowa (Angel's is a Demon's, Demon's is an Angel's.)

    The Host will feel pain that is constant. Never ending, and only grows stronger the longer they have the disease. The pain will climax just before the soul is ripped apart.

    Hybrids are unaffected by this Disease.

  • Sourukousen: (Sou-ru-ko-sen) (Souru = Soul; Kousen = fight/battle) Sourukosen is a very deadly disease, and currently is incurable. It forces the Sourupowa of the host to attack the body, choking the life out of it over the course of 30 years (for Low-Lieutenants) and close to 2 years (in High-General Class beings).

    Gaining the disease requires the host to have completely horrible control over his Sourupowa, and have Sourupowa from their polar opposite given to them (Angel's is a Demon's, Demon's is an Angel's).

    The host will experience unimaginal pain for the first week, then the body will start to get used to it. The higher the Sourupowa of the host, the faster the disease will kill them. So it is recommended that any with Sourukousen quit any and all activities that have to deal with Sourupowa usage.

    Medical Breakthrough!!!
    It is shown that by sealing away most of the Host's Sourupowa, the disease will become much, much slower in killing the host, up to 500 years!!!

    Hybrids are unaffected by this Disease.

  • Zoanthropica: This Disease is caused by an influx of Sourupowa that the moon and sun give off every day. The Moons, however, is more unique, as it changes every night.

    This disease started out in one who tried to gain the moons power, to increase his own when he needed it. It started out fine, but his Body became addicted to it, and the baser Animalistic instincts his body naturally had, developed at a rapid pace, changing his genes as well.

    This change caused him to gain the power he wanted, but he could not control it (It is suspected that each person with this disease will have a different appearance, depending on their imagination and feelings toward other Animals). The Instincts had a mind of their own, and would overpower his higher thought and take over his body. He found it would happen when the Moon was full (As this was when he tried to gain its power).

    Eventually, he learned to control it, and added it to his own power. When he died, he found that he could spread it to others through a simple scratch or bite. This is how this disease came to be.

    Currently, it is incurable, but it has been shown that when one of the few people who have contracted the 'Hemophiliation' Disease are bitten or scratched, they are immune to the effects, and so, we have begun asking for their own blood and Sourupowa to see if a cure can be made. So far, there is none.

    (To control it, do the following:

    Obtain the Rokuban (6th) Gate
    Create an 800 Word Training Topic to fight, and tame the instincts your power will form as.

    After doing this, you will have some side effects. The First side effect is a tail. Once you have controlled your Disease, and you try to change to the Ichiban Gate, you will appear with a tail from the side of you that you tamed. And each gate higher, you will gain another tail. (The tail is not real, it is made of Sourupowa)

    But, for whatever reason should you change to your Disease's form during this, they will solidify and come real, tangible tails. Should you reach the Juuban (with each gate before giving one more tail (and if you are in your monster form: make you larger)) you will return to human size, but still have the amount of tails that come with the form (10 Tails).

    Every Race is effected by this Disease (Unless you already have Hemophiliation).

  • Ikerushikabane(E-kur-u-she-ke-baa-ne)(Means Living Corpse)

    This disease was created in a labratory by a mad scientist called Hojo in the hopes of creating a powerful undying warrior. Though it ended up killing and then bringing back the first test subject back to life but the body slowly began to decay and it managed to escaped from his lab and into the worlds spreading what it had like a disease.

    The diseases symptoms is a slow but constant rot of the flesh that can't be restorded by rejuvenation techniques outside the body and a large decrease in speed but those with the disease gain incredible phsyical strength(increase to Ippo and Ken 1.5) due to their bodies being able to ignore physical pain, unbelievable tough bones and incredible resilienice to physical blows. When the rotted flesh gets to a point where most bones can be seen, the infected person will seek out new flesh from others to replace it. If not the infected person will most likely fall apart. The only way to kill someone with this disease is to completely crush their head. All but those with Hemophiliation or Zoanthropica can catch this disease threw a massive bite from someone that is infected with it. Those demons with this disease that become Regenerater Deablo Demons are able to reverse the rot of their own body BUT they are only able to heal at half the rate of normal Regeraters meaning longer healing time because of the constant reverseal of the rot from Ikerushikabane.

    All are effected by this disease (unless you already have Hemophiliation or Zoanthropica)
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Disease Guidelines
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