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 Azmot Tekanisho.

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Character name : Azmot

Clan : Dai-Ruct

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 4 Demons

Male Posts : 239
Ryo : 32510
Fist Bump : 3

Character sheet
61/61  (61/61)
61/61  (61/61)
10790/10790  (10790/10790)

PostSubject: Azmot Tekanisho.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:03 pm

[align=center][size=150]Character Profile[/size]



[align=center]Character Basics:[/align]

[align=left]Age: 15
Visual Age: 17
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs
Affiliation: Heaven
Rank: Mid-Captain
Loyalty: Loyal to the Family, Dia-Ruct, and His Angelic Brethren.[/align]
Element: Fire, Water (Bloodline Element.)

Character Other:[/align]

[align=left]Personality: Azmot is rude and blatant, usually not showing any emotion except sarcastic humor. He enjoys toying with people and usually won't help anybody that doesn't deserve it. He likes battles, always diligent to engage foes. In battle he fights as if he's better than every one else, taunting opponents and insulting with vulgar comments. He rarely makes friends, but those he does are usually different, like him. Azmot will ignore you if you try to act snide, or an assault could be coming your way.. Always wanting power, he takes many risks to defeat his opponents. Now that he has the Hunger, Azmot is known to become more aggressive towards powerful opponents. If he feels he is overpowered, he will stubbornly not submit, fighting until his last breath.

Teaming up is not his favorite thing to do, liking to be solitary for his thoughts. Azmot fights to make it known of his power, sort of a Glory hound, so to speak. The taste for blood, though, is a strong sensation that he lavishes in, so it's not unknown for him to attack unknowing people. He is actually entwined in the Grapevine of news, maybe a bit of a gossip. He doesn't show it, though, for he finds it as a bit of a weakness.

Nightmares: WARNING - BLURBS: Fear of being alone, claustrophobia, slight fear of heights/water, He does not like to be messy, and a bit of a fear of spiders, in an admiring way.[/align]


[align=left]History: Azmot, for starters, died at the age of 9. But that comes later. For now, let us begin with his birth.

Born into the Magi Family, The Dia-Ruct, Azmot was innately skilled with phenomenal powers. It was akin to his family, whom all had powers over Elementals; they were summoners of sorts. Except to the Family, Azmot was very special indeed. Not only was he born to heir the organization which made a majority of the Mafia, he was also the son of the Sonrefia Family, a freelance organization specializing in Mercenary Actions. You see, The Dia-Ruct and the Sonrefia Family had feuded over generations of battling, all towards who should be the one to rule the Supernatural Mafia. There history has proceeded 200 years, legendary events in history actually just attempts to attack one another. The Hindenburg: A Sonrefian attack on the ancient Dai-Ruct's trading director. But, over the course of the past five years, the two families have been unable to fight due to the expressed love of the 14th Generation Dia-Ruct boss and the 13th Generation Sonrefia Mistress. These were the parents of Azmot Tekanisho.

Raised in very well means, Azmot was always a trouble maker, destroying anything that he could break and refusing to accept any rules that his parents gave him. This constant rebellious attitude drove the family apart, giving Azmot free reign to cause whatever mayhem he wanted, though he was forced to take care of himself, for most cases unless it regarded payment, whereas his parents simply wavered it off as a "Family" expense. Since he had no real "Family" to speak of, besides his Butlers and Maids, he grew to a fear of people. When he started to attend school, the fear evolved and inversed towards a fear of being alone.

Around the age of 8, Azmot started to stand out among his peers. He was a good two inches taller than everyone, and he seemed to become less destructive as he got older. This did not allow him more time with his parents, but it did allow him to start his training over Magic. Due to his bloodline, he quickly caught up and surpassed those who started at the age of 5.

Word got out of Azmot's immense power, assassins from all over hired to kill Azmot. One was successful, sticking a dagger through his heart and ending his life. Killed on his 9th birthday, Azmot's parents preformed a ritual that would allow him to have a new vessel for the afterlife, one much stronger than his childish body.

When Azmot awoke in his new body, he was immediately confused. Clouds surrounded him, and an unseen force gave him a pressure that he really didn't like. He was also barraged with information, stuff that came with the body. He instantly learned how to fight, physically, but all of his previous Magical knowledge seemed to be lost. He would have to start over, but that was okay. He sought to increase his power, entering the world of Anime Heaven.

Roleplay Sample: Alpha roamed through the outskirts of Traverse town, looking around the 1st district for a decent store. He unclasped his his mask, hooking it onto his shorts for later use. He stood in front of a small, local runned shop, his hair swept to the left. Azmot wore a White T-Shirt, a lighting bolt streaking across the surface of the torso. His shorts, going 2 inches passed his knees, were grey, frayed on the bottom of the leg sleeves. His Belt hung loose and leaned to the right, only an inch hanging from the noose. His feet were covered in jet black shoes, looking a bit to loose if he wanted to do battle, and he didn't. He simply came to look for some new weaponry, that which better accommodated his tastes.

Alone, he walked through the door, a slight ding! could be heard, notifying the cashier that he had entered. Quietly, he walked towards the counter, the display glass littered with random items. Mostly junk, ancient, dirty junk. To Azmot, though, that was the best kind. You never know what kinds of ancient artifacts held some power. "What's your oldest piece, Mrs... Shaka" He said, reading her name tag. Puzzled at the peculiar name, he looked up and examined her face more closely, his eyes turning Grey for a moment. Scanning through her information, he learned that she was mostly Agrabain, and probably lived there until years ago. She only nodded in response, heading out the back for a moment. Azmot inhaled deeply, watching intently as she brought back a red, stone pyramid, carved with runes and scriptures that he could not understand.

"Could you give me a story on what this is?" Azmot asked, glancing up as she placed it in his hands. She nodded solemnly, looking downwards. Not wanting to bother her, he moved on to another question. "Is there a way to open this?" he asked, and she looked up quickly. She shook her head at a fast rate, then reached out to grab the object. As the pyramid was taken away from him, he sighed and looked at her expectantly. "No open." She said, a heavy accent layering her words. Azmot shook his head impatiently, pulling currency out of his pocket. He had still possessed a large amount of Munney from a Hit he had just completed, and he planned on spending it leisurely. A 5000 bill was slipped on the table, and Shaka grabbed at it hungrily, placing the pyramid down in the process. As he snatched it up, she looked at him in horror. "Leave!" she screamed, pointing towards the door in disgust. Why would she sell something if it was dangerous? Azmot thought, turning towards the entrance. Almost as soon as the door closed behind him, the clicking of the lock could be heard. He didn't bother confirming it, continuing along the upper path until he arrived at a bench. Examining it closer, he noticed a small patch of rock that was miscolored on the base. Curious, he pressed it, and the Artifact creaked open, revealing a pitch black stone in the middle. It seemed to move around, black clouds imitating a storm inside the core. Touching it, Azmot detached the sphere, noticing a slight swelling as he did so. But, a moment later, it retreated to normal side. Curious, he looked closer, watching as it pulsed bigger and smaller, faster with each given swell. Not really sure what to do, he simply stared at it, watching as it reached it's final swell. Just when he thought it was going to explode, it halted, small words appearing inside the core. It read "Ask again later."

"Some cheap fortune teller? What a rip..." Azmot said, throwing the "Artifact" in the bin. He stepped carefully down the stairs, walking toward the exit of the world.
[/align] (An average Roleplay of mine. Some will be better/worse.)
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Character name : Azmot

Clan : Dai-Ruct

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 4 Demons

Male Posts : 239
Ryo : 32510
Fist Bump : 3

Character sheet
61/61  (61/61)
61/61  (61/61)
10790/10790  (10790/10790)

PostSubject: Re: Azmot Tekanisho.   Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:52 pm

I can't put in the code cuz I'm mobile right now. Regardless, do staff get an increased element level? Also, I ranked up a while ago, never got around to changing it. If u would kindly, narora-sama
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Narora Senoku
Founder/Low-General Class

Character name : Narora Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : -

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 503
Ryo : 21431
Fist Bump : 1
Age : 23

Character sheet
227/227  (227/227)
221/221  (221/221)
11050/11050  (11050/11050)

PostSubject: Re: Azmot Tekanisho.   Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:10 pm

Nah, staff starts the same

Oh, right i'll get to that right now XD


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PostSubject: Re: Azmot Tekanisho.   

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Azmot Tekanisho.
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