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PostSubject: Sneak Peek   Sneak Peek Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 8:24 pm

This is a sneak peek at my newest story, 'Kādobatoru' Have fun:

A/n: Well this story is about a Roleplay site I made about a year ago (that never caught on) and I've decided to remake it into a story.

The story is about Naruto (of course) and the game they play is Kādobatoru. Which is simply translated as Card Battle. The rules of the game are explained in the story.

The game kind of fuses Yu-gi-oh and Bleach, but that's about it. The game is still in development in my mind (because the site didn't catch on for it to develop maturely) so if something changes, or something is added, then I've improved the game a bit. So also expect other anime's to appear as well.

Anyway, here we are!! Enjoy!


Chapter 1: I will be a Duelist!! Believe it!

“Today's the day!!!” A blonde boy of 14 years yelled as he jumped down the stairs of his house.

This boy was Namikaze Naruto. Son of the great duelist Namikaze Minato, the Kiiroi Senko, and his civilian mother, Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina. Naruto's father was the greatest duelist of his time, having started out as a rookie by beating the strongest duelist in his town, and doing so until he won the entire game in less than two years. He had later met Naruto's mother and from there, they had gotten married and had a child, Naruto.

5 years later, Minato suddenly vanished on his way to Shiren, the Duelist capital. He was never found and to this day, 11 years later, he remains. He is presumed dead, but his family doesn't believe that. It was actually one of Naruto's two dreams in his life.

The first was to be the best. Not the best in his town, or a city (though it might be nice), but the best in the game, like his father was. And the second, was to find his father and challenge him to a duel.

“Naruto-Chan! Quiet down.” A feminine voice called from the kitchen. Naruto held his pose for a moment, before his head drooped with a sweatdrop.

“Kaa-san! You ruined my entrance!” He wined with anime tears. A woman with flame colored hair stepped out of the kitchen door, a skillet in hand. “What was that?”

Naruto began to shake and waved his hands back and forth, sweat dropped down his head. “N-nothing! Nothing at a-all!” The woman grinned, giving him an evil smile. “That's what I thought.” she then vanished behind the door again.

Naruto sighed after a second, head downcast again.

“Hon, come eat your breakfast before you leave! You still have yet to get your Beginning card.” By the time she said this, she turned around to see Naruto's plate cleaned and the door opening.

“I'm off!” He yelled from the door as he ran out. Kushina blinked a bit before she sighed, a smile on her face. “Just like his father.” She whispered as she turned around to wash the dishes. A tear streaking down her cheek...

.::Streets of Konoha::.

“Damn! I hope the card store isn't still closed!!” Naruto yelled as he sped down the sidewalk, cars honking beside him as he ran past them.

“Look out!!” He turned a corner as the voice yelled. He had time to blink in confusion as two bodies ran into him, causing them all to land on the ground.

He heard the feminine groaning and opened his eyes to see big green ones, and pink hair... Scratch that, a pair of red eyes and silver hair too...

He blinked. Once... Twice... Three times... The two girls had gotten off of him by that time and he sat up. He turned to his right and got a better look.

One girl had big green eyes and pink hair, her eyes curious. The other girl had silver eyes, and silver hair. She looked a bit taller than the other, with a small scowl on her face.

He fought back a blush as his face began to heat up. He stood and dusted himself off, then scratched the back of his head. “G-gomen. I didn't see either of you.”

The girl with pink hair smiled cutly at him, making him turn a slight red in the face. “Not a problem... er...?”

Naruto stuck his hand out. “Namikaze Naruto.” A smile married his face as his eyes closed. The girl grabbed his hand and shook it. “Akashiya Moka”

He blinked when the silver haired one walked up to him and stared right in his eyes with her crimson ones. “Eto....” He started, still blinking. The girl backed up, arms crossed under her already impressive bust, and settled for a glare.

He scratched his head and offered a smile. “um... Name's Namikaze Naruto...” He stuck his hand out, the girl huffed. Turned and gave him a side glance. “Akashiya Moka...” And walked off. He blinked at her attitude. Then he blinked again. 'Similar Names?'

The pink haired Moka sighed and gained Naruto's attention again. “Sorry about her.” She gave a small bow. “She's kind of...” She paused, not finding a word to fit the description. “...Withdrawal?” Naruto nodded slowly, accepting the word. “Your probably wondering about our names as well?”

He nodded again, either this girl was good at reading people, or this happened a lot... he was willing to bet on the latter.

“Well, our parents were a bit out of it at the time they had us. So we ended up with the same name, but they gave us nicknames to distinguish us.” She pointed at herself. “I'm Omote (Outer), and she's Ura (Inner)” Naruto nodded in understanding, parents these days weren't that responsible... some of them.

“So, where are you heading?” He asked, after a few moments of pause. Omote Moka (He had decided to call her in his head) Pointed in the direction opposite of him. “The card store. We're heading in to get our Beginning cards.” She smiled.

Naruto grinned brightly. “Me too!” He pointed at himself, ignoring the thought in the back of his head that said he was heading the wrong way to begin with...

“Well then lets go!” She said, grabbed his hand, and began to run. As she passed her sister, Ura Moka, she grabbed her hand again as they began to run. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Ura Moka glaring at him again.

He sighed inwardly, this was going to be an interesting friendship...

.::Card Shop::.

A bell ringed as the trio walked in, the two girls before Naruto himself. Though he was slightly scared of her, he couldn't help but find himself watching Ura Moka walk in front of him. He quickly tour his eyes away from her body as he entered the store and looked at all the cards on the shelves. His eyes sparkled as he observed them all.

“What can I do for you all?” An kind voice asked from in front of them. They turned to see a man with Silver hair and kind blue eyes.

“Hai!” Omote Moka said, slightly loud, and ran up to him, Ura Moka and Naruto followed not long after. “We're here for our Beginning cards.” The bright girl cried, exited to finally begin her career of being a duelist.

The man nodded and from the counter pulled out three green cards, and handed each of them a card. He then stood back and beckoned them all to follow him.

He lead them through a door to a room that was completely black, save for the glowing pattern of kanji on the ground.

“Now” The man began. “Each of you stand in the circle in the middle of the seal.” They all obeyed and stood in the seal, in a line as it was just big enough.

“Now. The card you have will take small amounts of your DNA, or your Soul in a sense. It will form a blade that will be your Card Disk. The blade could be anything from a knife, to a large scythe. The process of this will build up your soul's energy, and when you think your body can't handle any more, then raise the card as high in the air as possible.”

The kanji on the ground began to glow and Naruto could already feel something building in his chest. He felt Omote Moka instinctively reach for his hand as she too felt the same feeling. He was too busy trying to fight off the feeling of pain as he felt the energy increase more and more by the second.

In a few minutes he felt Omote Moka raise her card in the air, he could see the beginning of tears in her eyes as pink energy enveloped her and the card. It cleared and showed her holding a regular katana, with a pink handle. Though it did look slightly larger than normal...

She was lead away by the store owner and sat her down in a chair in the room, she was panting and looked extremely tired.

He glanced at Ura Moka and saw her with her eyes closed and arms crossed, but he could tell just by her posture that she was feeling the pain, but refusing to show any emotion or indication of it.

He grit his teeth, as the pain took a jump. He felt a wind kick up as a blue aura whipped up around him, the same for Ura Moka, but hers was a deep crimson.

He felt the pain in his body jump once more and he had the last of it, and finally raised his arm, holding the card up in the air.

Then it all stopped...

The wind... the all stopped.

He opened his eyes too a large field. Full of flowers. He blinked, wasn't he in that freaky room before?

“So you've finally come?” A voice asked. It sounded female but had an echo to it. He turned around to come face to face with a woman of about 25 years. Her hair was long and silver, and she had coal black eyes.

“Who... who are you?” He asked taking a slight step back. The woman smiled warmly at him. 'I'm...” Her mouth moved but no sound came out. Naruto blinked at her.

She sighed, as if a mute button had been turned off. “So you can't hear me yet. Well its not too much of a surprise. That other one hasn't either. But all in due time.”

Naruto blinked again and found himself back in the room, leaning on the wall. He tried to sit up, only to feel a hand push him back against the wall again. He looked up to find the store owner there. A smile on his face. He looked to his right and found Ura Moka sitting there in the same state as him, panting and exhausted.

He looked in his right hand to see a black blade. Its guard was a simple square and its blade was a dull lucid. It had a chain that hung from its end and ended in a broken link. For a moment he saw it shift into a scythe with a white staff and red blade, covered in black chains, then he blinked and it returned to normal.

He heard a gasp and turned to Ura Moka as she started to pant harder, having woken up, and holding... the same blade as his. He blinked again and looked at the Store owner to see surprise written on his face.

'What's up? Is it so surprising we have the same Card Disk...?' Naruto thought to himself. He was sure that more than him and Ura Moka have had the same Card Disk. He'd watched a lot of duels on the TV, and a few duelists had almost the same disk...

The store owner put a smile on his face, obviously masking some emotion.

Naruto looked to his right and observed his Card Disk a bit more, as he started to move it, the chain on it jingled. he hadn't noticed it before? How did it get there?

His eyes dulled as he saw a memory.

(A/n: This is just a bit of a preview for what may come in the future of Naruto's career as a duelist)


A loud boom echoed throughout the large black dome as a male figure cloaked in white crashed into it, and continued sliding backwards.

The man with silver hair and red slit eyes looked up as he slid back at a boy with black hair and coal black, emotionless eyes.

The silver haired man shifted his weight, and brought the large scythe over his shoulder into the ground slowing him down. The scythe was longer than the man by a few feet, with a white staff, and a blood red blade.

The man slowed to a stop and took a stance with the scythe over his shoulder, one hand on it's staff's middle, and the other hand out to the side, his feet spread appart.

Sasuke...” The man spoke, anger and sadness lacing into it. “Why?Wasn't she your friend? HUH!?” the silver haired man yelled at Sasuke.

Sasuke in the air didn't make a sound, nor move a muscle,to indicate he heard the silver haired man. Then he shook his head. “You would never understand... Naruto...”

Naruto growled at him. There was a flash and a card appeared in his hand. It had a picture of a Nine-Tailed Fox on it, with the words 'Kyuubi Powers' on it.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. “Your using your Inner's powers? I thought you refused to use them... after what happened with... 'her'...” He said, his voice not cracking at all, but hinting at something Naruto didn't like.

Naruto growled as he glanced at the silver haired woman across from them on the far side of the dome, watching the fight. “Leave Moka out of this Teme! Your fight is with me!!” He yelled out, placing the card on the blade of his scythe. The level of his power increased dramatically as red energy bubbled up from his feet and enveloped his body, with nine swinging tails behind him. Adding to the already tremendous power of his Disk Release and Vampire Powers.

Humf... Dobe...” Sasuke shook his head again, and took a stance. They both vanished and appeared again with locked blades in the air. A moment of struggling passed as a heavy pressure settled on everyone in the dome. Its source was the two fighting rivals...

.::Vision End::.

Naruto blinked, and his eyes went from dull to bright. Having come back from his... vision? He didn't know what to call it.

He moved his arm again and found the numbness gone. He stood, planting his sword into the ground to stand and stumbled, but managed to stay standing.

The shop owner gave Naruto a look as he thought of something, but he ignored it.

“So... What now?” Omote Moka's innocent voice came from behind them. They all turned to face her, she was still sitting on the ground, in her hand was her Katana. Naruto glanced at her sister, to find her still on the ground.

The shop owner blinked then smiled. “Now, I teach you how to use your new powers... Do as I instruct.” The man pulled out a card of his own. He lifted his hand an a flash of light consumed it. It cleared and showed a completely red blade, its handle was covered in white cloth that seemed warn and had holes in it, but was bone white.

He flipped his card over to show them. It had the words “Kyuketsuki” on it, and had a picture of a dual edged scythe. It had a picture below that that looked like a dark gem.

“Pull out your cards by calling them to you by will. When you have them, place them on the blade of your weapon.”

Naruto blinked and sighed. He had no idea how to do that. He looked at his blade and closed his eyes, concentrating on it. He opened it again to see a card materializing in front of him. He gasped in surprise and reached out for it. As he grabbed it, the light faded around it and it showed a picture of his Card Disk on it, with a bright looking gem on it, but behind the bright gem was a darker one, it was barely visible though. It was colored white.

He glanced at the two other duelists in the room (Damn it felt good to say that!) and glanced at their cards. Ura Moka's was the same as his, but her gem was only bright white, no hit of another one.

Omote Moka's was bright pink... kind of expected, and had a picture of her Katana on it. The elemental symbol it had was a wind like picture.

Naruto placed his card on his Daito, and watched as it glowed and sank into the blade. A black dome sprouted up around the four occupants of the room, encasing them in darkness, but they could still see clear as day.

“This” The owner started, “is the Battle Dome. When a duelist places their identification/Character card on their Card Disk, the dome pops up to keep the public safe from the attacks that go on. The size of the Dome, is not limited to the size of a room, as it is like a second dimension.”

Naruto looked around, then back at his sword to see the card that he put on it was back, and it had a name on it this time, but it was blurred out.

“Now, the only way to teach you properly, is to have an actual duel.” The owner said. He took up a stance and waited.

Naruto, deciding to be the brave one, took a stance as the card in his hand began to float around him, as if held up by wind.

The owner dashed forward, going for a simple swing from the left to right horizontally. Naruto found him moving slower and was able to bring up his blade to block it. But he was unprepared for the force of the blow, and was sent skidding backwards a few yards.

“From the look on your face before I hit you, you saw me moving slower, right?” The silver haired man asked. Naruto nodded slowly.

“That is what happens when elements meet their weakness or strength. You see, your element is light, “ while mine is darkness.” The owner lifted up his card with Kyuketsuki as its name up, and showed a gem just like Naruto's, but it was black. “When elements, such as darkness and light fight, one has a slight advantage over the other. In this case, Light overpowers Darkness, so my movements are slower to you, than another user of darkness, or a user of shadow would see me move.”

Naruto nodded again, kind of understanding all of that. “So then, what beats Light?” He asked, his element sounded cool, but from the way the Shop Owner spoke, all elements had a weakness.

“Light? Hmm... that would have to be either Shadow or Oblivion. But there aren't many Oblivion elements out there. Maybe a hand full, so its doubtful that you'll have to worry about them. Shadows are Lights other weakness, watch for them.”

Naruto nodded and took a stance again. “Again.” He said, a smile on his face. The shop owner nodded, and took his stance again as well. Naruto watched as the owner vanished from sight, moving faster than before, and appeared to his right, swinging his blade.

Naruto twisted his Daito, and blocked the strike by twisting it upside down over his right bicep. He braced himself as the force of the attack hit him and he was pushed back only a few inches.

The store owner blinked. 'He negated my attack? Sure some of it hit him, but he blocked most of it. Is his body adapting to my fighting style...?' The shop owner thought to himself. He put more force into it, setting Naruto off balance and giving him an opening to bring his Katana down and bring his left leg up to kick Naruto away, sending him another few feet away from him.

Naruto came to a stop and righted himself in his stance, breathing slightly heavy. During that last attack, something had happened. He felt some kind of energy flow through him and take most of the force of the attack out. He didn't know what he did, and he wasn't completely sure if he could do it again, but he was sure as hell going to try.

This time, he charged forward, focused completely on the shop owner as he swung at him from Naruto's lower right to his upper left, a diagonal slash. The owner stepped back to dodge the attack, only for Naruto to continue through with the slice and bring up his right foot, kicking the owner away from him.

The owner landed not to far away. Though it wasn't as far as Naruto flew when the Owner kicked him, it was still impressive for a beginner...

The owner took his stance again, but this time he didn't charge Naruto, nor anything else but talk. “Now... Besides the Character Card you now have for your weapon, it is possible to manifest a second card, that is tightly bound to your fighting style.” He didn't relax his stance, but looked off guard. “To do this, you must focus all your attention into your hand to call the card to you. When you have called it the first time, it will always be in your deck.”

Naruto blinked. “Deck?”

The shop owner blinked. “You... haven't heard of a Deck...?” He sweat dropped when Naruto shook his head 'no'.

“Uhh... well this is a Deck.” Around the owner appeared 15 or so cards, all floating around him, but it didn't seem to obscure his vision. “A deck of cards with a limit of 20.” He reached up and pulled a card from his deck, and showed it.

It's name on the top read 'Speed Up'. The picture of the card was a shoe with an arrow pointing upward. It had no element, and had the word 'Level 1' at the bottom.

“This is one of the type of cards you will get. There are three types that have only manifested in duelist's first times. Try it.”

Naruto nodded, and raised his hand in front of his face. From the side of his eye, he caught the Akashiya sisters doing the same.

He went back to his hand, and focused. He felt the energy from before, when he had blocked the Owner's second attack, rush to his hand and instantly begin to form a card. He gazed at it as it finished, it... was two cards?

One card was exactly like the Shop Owner's card, a Speed Up card with Level 1 below the picture. But the second card wasn't like it. It was black with a dark colored gem at the bottom. It had a black cressent like wave in it, outlined in red. The top words read 'Getsuga Tenshou', and it was Level 1.

The shop owner was confused. This had never happened before... Well to his knowledge. Every Duelist had only ever formed one card, not two, and certainly not one that wasn't of the three types, Power Up, Speed Up, and Endurance Up. Abet, the first card was one of the three, but the second card... He'd never seen it before.

'Is it... a second Character Card...?' He thought to himself. His memory jumped to a book he had read a few years ago, depicting what having a Second Character Card meant, and his eyes widened in fear. 'B-Bijuu...? He has... a Bijuu... but... how...?' He glanced at Omote Moka and her Katana. 'No... not her...' he moved his eyes to Ura Moka, and the Daito that was the same as Naruto's. 'Her... she's the second wielder...' He turned back to Naruto, to see him gazing at his second card.

“Ahem...” He cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. “I see you have created two cards, you must have great promise to do this. This has only happened a handful of times with very few duelists.” He lied, trying to cover up the catastrophe that just came about.

Card Disks that are partnered with more than one Duelist, tend to split their powers. But, the split is not 50/50. It can come close, but it's never 50/50. The Disk must chose one Duelist to give most of its power to. In this case, it chose Ura Moka to have more power, and by the feel of Naruto's Energy right now, he has about 35% of the Disk's power. Moka has the other 65%.

The Duelist with less power, usually goes on to become insane, with half their soul missing, but souls with greater will and power don't. They form a new power to take that missing parts place, hence the Bijuu. Bijuu are the Dark emotions and powers of a Duelist. Naruto is the first Duelist to have a Bijuu in over 100 years. The last had lost himself to the Bijuu, and eventually had to be killed by the combination of 5 Kage Level Duelists. There have been lost records of Duelists going on to use the Bijuu's powers for their own, or having a Bijuu that wasn't so bad, like for people that were emotionless, and the Bijuu wasn't a monster of chaos and dark emotions.

But Naruto had emotions, many if how he stood could tell a story. He was hyper, happy, and holding back any sadness, anger, and revenge he might have in him, so the Bijuu will take up a personality that wants nothing but to kill Naruto and take his body for it's own.

The book also stated that the less of the Card Disk's power that was with a Duelist, the stronger the Bijuu was. And any power from a Card Disk that was below 40%, meant a very, very, frighteningly powerful Bijuu, At least Nine Tails.

But the up side to this, was that the user got much stronger much faster. Where as Ura Moka might not find out the Second form of her Card Disk for a year, Naruto could find it, and master it within a month... in theory... But this was also a downside, as the Bijuu intentionally does this to make the host's body able to handle the massive amount of power that it will have without exploding when the Bijuu takes over, partially or fully...

But, each Duelist that had a Bijuu was able to use a set amount of tails from the Bijuu without hurting themselves to much, and keeping a conscious mind... The strongest Bijuu to date had been an Hatchibi, and its user could use up to 2 tails of its power before the 3rd tail made them lose their mind and begin to attack anything in sight. It was predicted that if a Duelist ever emerged with a Kyuubi, that they would use up to 3 tails before the 4th made them lose their mind... it hasn't been proven though because this is the first Kyuubi to appear...

“Now, Naruto.” He started, talking to him directly, “That second card might be too much for you to handle, so I want you to wait before using it freely. Use it only when it is most needed. And never use it more than 3 times in a fight without letting your body rest, it could have serious consequences.” This was also true, but false. The Bijuu could use the card to take over Naruto faster than normal, by sucking up more of Naruto's Energy faster than it should, thus weakening him and allowing the Bijuu's energy to travel more freely. So he must hold off from using it until his Will is strong enough to withstand the Bijuu's power.

Naruto nodded. He kind of understood. All of this was new to him. He had only ever been told about how the cards worked. He didn't know about any cards besides the basic three.

“Now.” Began the shop owner again. “I'll teach you about the cards.” He lifted up the Speed Up Card in his hand. “The top of the card, is the name, simple. There's a picture of a shoe with an arrow pointing up, and the description; 'Increase speed'.” He pointed to the name below the picture, just to the right of the card. “This states the level of the card.” This card had the Level of 1.

“The level of the card determines how long the card stays in play, how much energy it uses, and how efficient it is. It also causes the card to evolve.” He pulled out another card from his deck and held it up.

This card was named 'Speed Up '. The picture was now a boot with an arrow pointing up, instead of a shoe. The description was the same, but its level said 'Level 2'.

“When a card is used enough in battles, it gains experience and levels itself up. When it reaches a set level, the card will evolve and gain new properties and power.” He pulled out a third card and turned it around.

This card's name was 'Speed UpMAX'. Its description was the same as 'Speed Up' and 'Speed Up ' But its picture was of a royal looking boot, with rare ores and gems encrusted into it, and an arrow pointing up. This card's level was 3.

“When a card reaches its maximum level, it becomes its strongest. At this point, cards can fuse.” He pulled out another card.

This card's name was 'Strength UpMAX'. Its description was 'Increase Strength'. Its picture showed a black glove with rubies encrusted into it and an arrow pointing up. Its level read 3.

“To fuse cards, each card must be at its maximum level. All you need do... is this.” He tossed the cards into the air and brought his sword up, cutting each in half. They flashed a bright red color, and came down as one card.

This card was outlined in red, unlike the others that were outlined in peach. It had a picture of the glove and boot from the two original cards, its name was 'Speed/Strength Up', But it had no level.

“Fused cards give you the same amount of upgrades as the normal cards, but will use up less space on your Card Disk, and slightly less energy.”
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