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 Lost egg #6: Orange jumpsuits and green tights, what did I get myself in to?

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Ryu Takata
Mid-Captain Class
Ryu Takata

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PostSubject: Lost egg #6: Orange jumpsuits and green tights, what did I get myself in to?   Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:17 am

Ryu landed in a wooded area in search for another egg. He peered around the dense forest, taking in the scenery. Suddenly he hears a rustling in the trees above. He looks up, only to see a shadow leap from tree to tree. Ryu relished the situation, and chuckled.

"That looks really fun" Ryu said as he leaped upwards. He began to leap through the trees, dodging stray branches, and stopping momentarily to observe the view from the clearings. He progressed further until he spotted a large wall, marking the entrance to a village. He read the inscription above the entrance.

"Konohagakure huh, not very hidden if you ask me, but hey what can ya do" Ryu hops down, and walks into the village. He observed the shops and people closely. Any one of these humans could have had contact with the hatchling. As he was walking his eyes caught a glimpse of a black-haired boy in a black jumpsuit with red boots, headband, and greaves. Perched upon his shoulder was a parrot. As the two boys passed each other their eyes interlocked, and Ryu began to sense the sourupowa. The parrot looked towards Ryu and squaked

"Believe It!! Family, Saskay-Kun!"Ryu looked at it in disarray, as he had never heard such ramblings form a bird before. At this note he began to follow the boy. He trailed close behind, hiding behind buildings. He would just simply fly in bare spots, but I digress. Ryu flew overhead in a clearing where the boy and the parrot were standing. He read the sourupowa of the bird to make sure that it was his actual target. Ryu dropped into the courtyard, between the boy and a large wall. He tore Kazenoken from it's scabbard. What do you think I should do Kaze? I was thinking direct approach. Ryu projected his thoughts towards Kazenoken. Not sure, but Direct approach seems right. You have my speed child Kazenoken thought in response. Thanks buddy, I am just gonna go for it now, Lend me some speed. Ryu walked forwards to threaten the duo.

"Kid you need to step away from the bird, it is very dangerous and could quite possibly kill you" The boy did not respond, but looked at Ryu with glowing red eyes.

"*squak* It's not the parrot you should be worried about*squak* The boy suddenly swung his arm around and hit Ryu in the chest, causing a deep gash to open. Ryu's blood sprayed from the open wound. He jumped back, and held his chest looking at the kunai in the boy's hand that was dripping with fresh blood. Ryu raised kazenoken and pointed it towards the boy. The boy dashed forward so quickly that Ryu barely had time to react. He dashed to the left to avoid another strike from the boy. Ryu started to realize that the boy's movements were sporadic, and not his own. He realized thet the boy was drawing power from the parrot, much like he did from Kazenoken. He resolved to kill the parrot and free the boy from its power. Ryu dashed forward, and jumped upwards, he slashed the sword downwards, but the boy dodged. He started to give chase, and it seemed the boy was flying. The boy reached out his hands and a darkness started to form around him. The darkness compacted into a blade that the boy swung as easily as a kunai, although it was the size of Ryu's. Ryu blocked the blade, and smiled.

"You're pretty fast kid, I am honestly surprised, however I am still faster." Ryu kicked the boy back, and swung downwards, severing his headband and watched as it fell to the ground in two distinctive pieces. The bird squacked frantically

"*squak* Holy shit, Holy shit *squak* Angels pretty fast, Angels pretty fast *squak*" Ryu just glared at the bird and dashed forward. He thrust his sword forward and the boy dipped his head to the side to avoid the blade.

"HAHAHAHAHA Missed me" Ryu shook his head,

"Did I?" The boy looked to the side as the bird sat skewered by the edge of Ryu's blade. The bird began to blow a bright yellow, and discintigrated. The boy's eyes suddenly turned back to a bright blue, and fell to the ground. Ryu caught him, and gently placed him on the ground. Time to go. Ryu took off and headed towards his next destination.

HUH!?! Anata wa watashi no kōchō o kobosa aete shimasen!!!! (don't you dare spill my brisk)

Techniques: 1.
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Lost egg #6: Orange jumpsuits and green tights, what did I get myself in to?
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