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 Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai

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Daisuke Kirai
Global Moderator/Mid-Captain

Character name : Daisuke Kirai

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : Ichiban

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PostSubject: Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai   Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:48 pm

It had been many years that he had seen this place. Fire reached up to him, trying to devour his body. The tendrills of the ever-lasting flames caused the boys hair to flow in protest. The barren earth he walked on seemed like it would collapse at any moment, but didn't so for milliards of years. He was scared, not used to the harshness of Hell. Daisuke had grown accustomed to the beautiful fields of Heaven, the freshness, the afterlife... But no normal being would enjoy to have a vacation in hell. Why had he returned to this place?

"... I made a rather poor advance in Heaven. May it be that I'm not angel... or that I simply didn't try hard enough...? I don't know... But I guess that a demon should train where he had been born..." Sighing, he slowly reached the the invisible platform that signified the training grounds of Hell. The demon didn't even believe for a moment that he could stand here, so he had to try with his left foot multiple times by tapping the ground. Figuring that it was safe, he went in, looking carefully around. Suddenly, red eyes opened in the darkness, and stared at him as if they wished to penetrate his soul. Losing almost all courage, the boy wanted to immediatly run away, but stopped himself in the last moment. If he didn't start training again, then he might never do it. Scoffing at himself, he returned to the middle, facing the flames and red eyes.

It seemed as though another demon had trained here before: There were multiple rocks lieing around that had been cut in half. Some had been destroyed, some absolutely obliterated into almost dust...

... And some were frozen.

Interested into his find, the boy stepped closer to the frozen rock. His mouth was slightly open, and his eyes had a curious look. But...

Out of the darkness, a tall, blond angel stepped forth. His hair reached down to his hip, and his aquamarine eyes didn't feel calming at all. He seemed not to be focused on musclemass, but quite a few muscles were visible nonetheless. The angel wore a large dark blue, baggy Kimono that had been stripped on his ankles and wrists to keep hold. He wore no shoes, and had his far too large Katana unsheathed. The angelic warrior looked immediatly mad at Daisuke.

"My, my, my... you're the 14th little demon that's crossing these grounds here. But I must admit - You're the most pathetic looking out of them all! Hahahaha!" the angel mocked Daisuke, pointing his Katana at the demon. The boy immediatly feared his foe, but there was no way that he could get out of this situation now. Daisuke was sure that the angel was faster then him - Warp Step or not.

"I'm just here to train, I don't want t-" The demon never got to finish his sentence, as the angel seemed to suddenly teleport towards him and knock him with his knee right into Daisuke's face, causing him to fly into the opposite direction. Dark red blood started to spill out of his nose, and he helplessly skidded along the invisible floor. Groaning in pain, the boy had to comprehend what just happend. The angel was already on his way towards Daisuke, letting his Katana screech on the floor, causing sparks to fly up. Realising what's going on, he stood up, but was still too slow. The Rogue made sure that he couldn't escape. Yelling something that the demon didn't understand, ice suddenly formed on his feet. Yelping at the cold and at immediate death, the boy braced himself for what was to come. he already saw the Katana thirst for his neck, when...

Another angel, female, put her large staff weapon between them. She had beautiful black flowing her, and a black Kimono like the other angel. Her orange eyes streamed off a strong determination. Confused at the sudden help, and yet grateful, he watched the girl fend the Katana off. She then proceeded to fight the Rogue angel. Strong clashes caused the ground to rumble under the pressure, and for a moment, the demon boy was forgotten. Unsheathing Doragon, the demon used his Fire Arrows to knock the ice away and free himself. Now ready to hightail out of here, a loud screech made him look into the angelic brethern.

There she was, the Katana knocked straight through her throat. The Sourupowa aura that had previously covered her disappeared, and her lifeless body slid off the now bloody Katana. The male angel, having a slight look of insanity on his face, turned towards Daisuke.

"... What a sick angel. Saying that you are now under Kami's protection... Pfft! What mockery! NO demon is under Kami's protection!" Aiming his Katana now aswell at Daisuke, he laughed maniacally.

"You're going to die tonight, Akuma. Just like all of the others! And anybody who gets in my way... gets destroyed!"

Shaking in a mixture of rage and fear, the boy gripped Doragon harder, gritting his teeth. How could he have done this? She only protected him! Going into a battle stance, the demon slightly growled and looked highly upsetted.

"Silly Demon. The weak perish and the strong survive. That's how it goes." The angel said, with no emotion in his voice.

The demons eyes turned red from rage, and the now releasing Sourupowa that's raging in his soul.

"... FINE! LET'S PLAY BY YOUR RULES!!" Daisuke yelled, and immediatly raced towards him. But not by running. Using his recently learned Warp Step technique, he successfully surprised the angel and was able to strike Doragon into his left shoulder. The Rogue looked first surprised, then with an intense rage. The angel turned around to Daisuke and knocked him away with the butt of his sword. Tumbling backwards, the demon could only look in shock as the angel raised his Katana. Instead of slicing Daisuke, the angel suddenly used his Sourupowa to release a spear of ice out of the tip of his sword. Daisuke countered it by using one of his own fire spears, which caused the angel to grunt in amusement. Standing up again, Daisuke used his Warp Step once more. The angel saw this coming, and countered the demons slash with his own.

He wouldn't give in this time though.

Screaming loudly, the demon immediatly went to Niban, causing a large flame to erupt from Doragon, which caught Daisuke. With newfound strength, the boy started to slice in multiple angles at the Rogue. The angel was able to counter them, but he was considerably pushed back each time. As their swords clashed again, the boy suddenly released a Fire Arrow. Now that he is powered up, the fire was larger, and actually caught the angels left side, causing it to explode there. His dark blue Kimono ripped open, and blood spilled out. The angel reared back, and in a flash, entered Niban himself. The angel was able to cool the air slightly down, and his aquamarine eyes glowed through the darkness.

As their swords met again, Daisuke was unable to keep the lead up this time. He got pushed back, toyed around with, thrown to the sides. The angel was feeling sure of victory, ignoring his open gash and pain by the feeling of might. (Or by the feeling of beating on a little kid.) Screaming in pain, the boy could only try to defend and minimize the damage. He was too concentrated on this to reach his newfound gate.

Falling down with cuts, bruises and open gashes, the triumphing angel held his sword above the boys neck.

"... Any last words, Akuma?!" grinning evily, he waited for Daisuke's reponse. The Katana lowered itself on his neck.

That's when Daisuke suddenly lifted his head, and had a far more insane look then the angel had throughout their entire battle. His eyes gleaming yellow through the darkness, he suddenly took the Katana with his hand(!) and shoved it forcefully away. The sword cut itself into his hand, but the boy didn't care.

"I sure do, freak... YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! the demon screamed. Suddenly exploding into his Sanban, the tendrills on his body grew violent like the flames that surrounded them. Natsuki stood up, and fought with the angel again. His style had grown far more aggressive, and unforgiving. The previously balanced angel found himself overpowered by not only strength, but also speed. Natsuki made sure that the angel paid for everything. He began to cut large gashes, then knocked the angel away. Letting out a maniacal laughter, Natsuki went over the defenseless angel and knocked his foot into his stomach. The blood covered demon grinned with almost infinite evil at the Rogue.

"You'll be my first, and surely not my last. You'll start my era of absolute terror, little angel... now, DIE! AND BURN IN THESE INFINITE FIRES!"

Ramming Doragon in the heart of the angel, the movement ceased quickly. The angel's eyes grew empty, and his Sourupowa returned into nothingness. Still widely insane, Natsuki went away from the broken body, and made his way towards his next victim.

It was unfortunate, but his exhaustion caused the demon to realise that he should stop. He was bleeding heavily, tired, and in serious need of a mental doctor...

So he made his way towards the nearest hospital...

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Narora Senoku
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Character name : Narora Senoku

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PostSubject: Re: Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai   Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:59 pm

Originality: 95%

Training Effort: 90%

Post Length: 1500+

Sourupowa up by 1010!


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Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai
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