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The War is Coming, are you ready to make a name for yourself...? A Roleplay site Based off of a Fanfiction Story.
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 [Angel] Kaiden Senoku

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Narora Senoku
Founder/Low-General Class

Character name : Narora Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : -

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 503
Ryo : 21431
Fist Bump : 1
Age : 23

Character sheet
227/227  (227/227)
221/221  (221/221)
11050/11050  (11050/11050)

PostSubject: [Angel] Kaiden Senoku   Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:09 pm

Character Profile


Character Basics:

Age: 500
Visual Age: 20
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Affiliation: None (Rogue)
Rank: Mid-Captain Class
Loyalty: Himself/Senoku Clan
World: Anime Heaven

Element: Light
Disease: Hemophiliation 90%

Character Other:

Personality: Kaiden is a very troubled boy... He's always serious, and only ever changes his personality when he's in a fight...

When there is no imminent battle lurking, he can be either cold and withdrawn, or smirking and completely self-centered. He really has no likes, but he does share a love for Pocky with his twin, Narora. Whom he hates with a passion, due to unknown reasons (Mother killed, accuses Narora for it).

When in a fight, he chooses to torture his enemy, rather than fight seriously. He is a cruel man with a good motivation behind his actions. That Motivation... the Death of his Brother, and twin, Narora.

Nightmares: Kaiden fears that Narora will win. In a fight destined between them, he wants to kill Narora, to avenge his mother. But he fears on the What If situation on, if he looses. His dream will never be realized, and he will forever be in regret of his actions...

The day Kaiden was born, he was a weak boy. His body was not adapted enough to be set for battle, like the Senoku Clan had done for many generations.

Years later, when he was 10, An assassin attacked them. His parents told both him and Narora to hid in a closet. Now Narora was very protective of his brother, so when nothing had happened, and Kaiden wanted to go and look, Narora feared that there would be Assassins still here, so he went instead.

When he didn't come back, Kaiden walked out and into the kitchen, where he found Narora... And his mother dead.

She was on the ground, blood pooling beneath her. In Narora's hand, was a bloody knife. At the time, Kaiden was to small to realize that he might have pulled it from her chest, so, he accused Narora of killing her. He later, ran off into the Winter Night, never to be seen again by Narora.

100 Years later, he had died and was sent to Heave, but Narora had gone too. When they had met up, Kaiden had tried everything in his power to kill his twin, but he was soon banished from Heaven for the act, and has sense lived in the Rozen Maiden world, plotting...

400 years after that, he has come out of hiding, and is looking for Narora at the moment, waiting to strike...

Roleplay Sample:

Kaiden stood across from Narora, each bloody and panting. In their hands where they're released Sourusodo, and the controlled Infection's powers were active, as each of the boys eyes were Black and yellow, Black sclera, and Yellow iris’s.

Kaiden took a stance, and as did Narora on the rock. The rock was actually part of a waterfall, a large one. It was the in between world that somehow connected Heaven and Hell as the war took place. It was raining, and the sky was black with clouds.

not a few seconds ago... the moon was shining a bright red color...

"Narora!!" Kaiden yelled as his Sourusodo set aflame with black fire. Narora's soon did the same in response. "Lets end this... One last attack... lets see what we can do now..."

Both boys brought their swords up, and then down. Unleashing a powerful Black and Red wave of Sourupowa, the last they had in their bodies.

As one, they screamed...


There was a clash, a loud bang...

Then white...


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[Angel] Kaiden Senoku
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