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 Korekuta's Training (ippo)

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Character name : Mezurashīno, Korekuta

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PostSubject: Korekuta's Training (ippo)   Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:31 am

Growing up in a secluded little “paradise” Korekuta was use to being alone and taking care of his body only after taking care of his work first. He takes on physical fitness into account only after taking on a “god” like mushi. He decided that it was time to do something he never truly felt obligated to do. Train. He was skilled with a knife and chemicals along with science and logics but in training and hand to hand combat? He was at a loss. He knew of a clearing that was used for training but never actually visited. Korekuta only went where his research took him and it kept him away from a boring little field. He was now determined to learn how to throw a punch, a left hook, a right, a knocking blow, a kick to kill! So he did what he believed was the right way of doing it, he studied a book.

Time went by in his house as he studied the book from cover to cover, writing down the key points and techniques to body building and basic combat. He devised swift and elegant calculations in advanced physics to see if done correctly the amount of force and kinetic energy he could produce. It wasn’t very substantial. So he threw the book in the trash and headed out for the training of his life.

He arrived at the secluded spot after 1 moon cycle so an average month but he still wan’t 100% sure so he just shrugged it off. He plopped down his heavy luggage and unpacked his training supplies. He didn’t know how long he would be here but he wasn’t going to leave till he reached a goal and broke it. Now all he had to do was figure out a goal. He scratched his rough chin and looked around the barren field. Scares and broken fragmented rocks were scattered everywhere, There wee still many large boulders and he decided that he would train his body instead of a fighting technique. His pills were enough to add a technique so he just had to add physical strength. He Chose a large rock and decided that by the end of the training with an open palm strike he would split the rock perfectly, he chose another and decided he would shatter that with a kick and lastly he picked up a small fragmented rock and decided he would complexity vaporize it with a single blow.

Korekuta is a man with a single thought on his mind, to reach his goals in any means necessary, but he id put a guideline in his training, no mushi’s and only studying and research at night. So with this limitation on his real work he was set to doing this within 30 days, and what a long period that was. He wasn’t use to eating regularly so hunting took off about a third of his day, along with training that was his whole day. He would forget to sleep and collapse which lead to frustration and confusion from over exertion. He trained his legs first since the power of the body lies in the legs. He tried to shatter the boulder and ended up nearly shattering his tibia, but he kept at it. While his shin healed up he trained his arms and the transferring of potential energy into kinetic so that he cold send the right amount of energy from his palm into the rock.

So far 14 days have passed and his physical exertion has caused him massive pain. He spent 3 more days in his tent starving and aching, but he eventually maned up and got back to training. Now the pain has subsided he was ready to try the kick again. This time he placed a few soft young tree limbs on the side of the rock so that he won’t break his shin. He lined up the kick and took in a deep breath he sharply pulled in his abs and tightened his stance. he twisted his torso and extended his right leg. There was a shattering pain and a cool feeling running down his leg. He saw the rock had in fact shattered and a few fragments were logged in his leg. He was lucky they were shallow wounds so he easily treated them. He looked at the setting sun 18 days have now passed and he had 12 days left. He quickly split the into 3 sets. 4 days of biceps and triceps training to strengthen his arms, 4 days to get the rock to split and 4 to turn the small fragment into dust.

The first full days were routine now his arms ached but he just worked through it. He ran into one minor complication when he forgot to eat and collapsed from hunger, he literally dragged himself to a trap he set up and ate a rabbit raw. He knew it was wrong but it felt so right. Of cause as soon as he got his strength back he popped some anti bacterial pills to fight off any bacteria in the rabbit.

After his little “miss hap” he got back to work. He went to work on the easier of the two objectives, to split a boulder perfectly in half so its surface gave off a reflective property. He took a medical gauss tape from his bang which by now has lost all adhesive property so he just ties it around his hand. He went to the rock unbuttoned his shirt so that it hung behind him. He stepped closer and spread his legs shoulder with apart. He did a few basic arm stretches so he wont rip his muscles and got to work.he took 5 deep breathes and went over the calculations and angle of impact needed to split the rock and not his bones. He took his first strike and felt a bone chilling pain run through his arm. He didn’t relies how hard this was to do. It seemed like simple calculation on paper, easy enough to follow through. He now knew he could only try this once a day so he only had 3 tries left before he would have to abandon this one objective or push it onto the next objective giving him only 3 days to vaporize the small rock fragment, and he was not a person to change his plans due to a failure on his part.

The second day was the same as the first a complete failure, he spent the hours that followed the pain in his tent thinking of why things weren’t going his way. He just couldn’t figure it out and was about to just end this and and the next trial of strength before the moon cycle ended. “This is it, if I don’t make this I’ll just go home and make do with what I got. I’m not perfect.... yet. I’m no god....yet, but as sure as there is blood in my veins and thoughts in my head I will succeed!”

The next day came, it was early and he already had his stuff packed. He was ready to give up and go home. Every one knows not to go into battle already defeated but as of now he new this last month was hard on him because he was so far out if comfort zone. He went to the rock laid his hand flat on it and just stood there for a moment. He felt the cool breeze on his body and just stood there, for what seemed like hours. Korekuta was oddly warm that day, not in the sense of body heat but emotionally. All he could do was say,” my adversary, my objective, my friend. You have defeated me. You have mastered my wit and integrity. I yield to you, I am a humble blade of grass, a victim of a rolling stone, crushed by your might.”

He lightly rubbed the rock and gave it a final push. He noticed a thin almost invisible line. It was the width of a human hair and he never would of noticed if the sun wasn’t in the right place. He only noticed it due to a small reflection. His eyes widened and he pushed with all his might against the left side of the boulder. It gave way. he rolled it halfway and it fell on its side! He did it! He accomplished his goal with a day to spare! Now he had his resolve back. He knew he could do it, he knew he could vaporize the rock fragment! This time he didn’t use silly calculation or weird angles of attack. He took the rock in his left hand pulled back his right and with a quick swift breath and movement he let his finger joints hit the rock and then bend until his knuckles made contact. The stone was gone. Fragmented farther into insignificant fragments. He took the rough powder in his hand and gripped it. “ I have been doing this for to long, I have work that must be done.”

With that final saying he let the dust fall from his hand and be carried on the wind. He didn’t waste a single movement and grabbed his stuff and headed back to his little “Paradise”.
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Character name : Mezurashīno, Korekuta

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : (No Gates Usable ATM)

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 11
Ryo : 17697
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PostSubject: Re: Korekuta's Training (ippo)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:06 am

I'm just waiting for a rating......
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Korekuta's Training (ippo)
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