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 Strah Privezak (Demon){NPC}

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Sangoran Noado
Mid-Captain Class

Character name : Sangoran Noado

Disease : Zoanthropica
Usable Gates : (No Gates Usable ATM)

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 85
Ryo : 10970
Fist Bump : 0
Age : 25

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PostSubject: Strah Privezak (Demon){NPC}   Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:26 am

Name: Privezak, Strah
Age: 463
Visual Age: 11
Rank: Low-Captain
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 118 lbs
Affiliation: Hell
Element: Dark, Water
Loyalty: Sangoran and his allies
Disease: None
World: C3 (Cubed x Cursed x Curious)
Special Field: (Dormant State) Takes a special form when alseep (In this case a necklace.)


Personality: Strah is distant from many people. She easily gets lost in thought and often daydreams. She is also very protective of Sangoran and those he considers an ally. Strah thinks of Sangoran as an older brother and ofteen calls him brat (serbian translation for brother). She also sleeps a lot.

Nightmares: Strah is afraid of her friends gettting injured and dying by her loss of mentality. She also is afraid of losing all self control and going berzerk at the thought and adrenaline mixing together all at once. This extends from being blood related to Fear in Cube.

History: One day at a big market sale of amulets, pendants, and other trinkets, Sangoran had spotted a pendant he had admired. Unbenounced to him, he had bought a cursed pendant. One night, in the middle of a forest a couple weeks after leaving Serbia, Samgoran awoke to a stirring in the bushes nearby. He gets up and goes over to check and sees a girl with long pink hair, sitting on the ground, curled up, and sobbing. A jacket is placed over her curled up body and she jumps in a startle. After a while of convincing, Strah tells Sangoran her name, her past, where she came form, and how she came to get her curse.

During the mid 1500's (appx. 1549), a girl had been the towns bully target for years growing up. Everyday she would come home with a new bruise, torn short sleeve or skirt, or a missing shoe or two. One day, as she was being bullied, she lashed out in complete anger and slaughtered the kids in cold blood. Feeling enlightened by this, she began losing her sanity more and more with every person she had killed until she passed out from fatigue in the early night. The next morning she awoke and saw the completely bloody and corpse scattered town and ran away. She had then become afflicted with a curse of the towns people, one of which kept her from dying, roaming the earth in fear for the side of her that could and will kill anyone that would get near her.

After hearing such a story Sangoran takes her in, as if the entire story became oblivious to him. Her face brightens up and she then goes on to show him part of her pawers by reforming as the pendant he had bought and admired. He chuckles and puts her around his neck. Over the next few months, the two began bonding and she began vieing him as an older brother role model.

One night, in a small and local town, Sangroan and Strah were heading toward their hotel when a group of seven thug sneak out from the alleyway and surround them. Acting as any role model would, he steps infront of Strah and up to the group of thugs. All of the men began snickering as they began pulling out various weapons such as bats, pipes, pocket knives. Three men had pocket knives, two of them had pipes, and the remaining two had the bats. The men with pocket knives ran at the two. Sangoran quickle fought off all 3 men. In an instant, one of the men hits Sangoran over the head with a pipe and knocks him out, as well as putting a cut on his forehead from hitting the gorund. At the sight of Sangroan lying on the ground, and the small amount of blood bleeding from his body, all hell broke loose.

*Warning! This sample is very bloody and should not be read by anyone under the age of watching mature anime series shows online. Thank you.*

RP Sample: Strah stared at the unconcious body of Sangoran in fright. The four remaining men then began to slowly approach her. "N-no! Stay back!" She yelled out in fear. The men continued to get closer.One man stopped and looked at her with a malicious look on his face. "Don't worry little girl. We're only going to hurt your friend here a lot." He lifts up the pipe in his right hand and drives it down into Sangoran's left knee. She slowly becomes overcome with raw emotion and power. "I won't let you hurt my firend!!" She screamed out in a berzerk rage. Her hands and feet become covered in shadows and take the shape of demon-like claws (imagine Gen from Kekkaishi) ans the air around them becomes steamed, almost forming a mist of condensating and evaporated water vapor in from the air. The sandals on her feet snap off as the same process that occured with her hands repeats itself. In an instant, she disapears from sight (increased speed from the claws) nd reappears through the man who had knocked out Sangoran. Strah finally began to speak, but something was different about it. It sounded more... destructive and demonic than before. "You want to hurt him?" She asked with an evil grin on her face. "How about I kill you instead!" The blood within the man's body begin's to boil and suddnely bursts through his, mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and the hole in his body. She grabs his throat and pulls out her arm from his body. She then releses her grip on his throat and he drops to the ground, dead.

The other three men watch in fear as she turns toward them, licking some of the blood off of her hand. Srah then looks at them and the look in her eyes paralyzes them in fright as an evil and demonic smile forms on her face. "So...who dies next." She looks around and decides to pick out the only other man with a pipe. As the man muster's up the courage to try to run away, she grips him up by the back of his neck with her left hand. With her right hand, she lunges it through her throat and rips his head off his shoulders. Blood began spurting out of the severed head of the juggular artery, like a fountain. She tosses the head behind her ad lets her grip on the body go and it drops to the ground. The head hits the ground and a couple droplets of blood plop onto Sangoran's face, which begins to wake him up. The remaining two men look at each other and nod. They charge at her, bat raised and ready to swing. With the same grin on her face, she grips a necklace around her neck and it begins to glow. "Destructive tool number 637, Led Zvezda." She mutters to herself as the necklace transforms into a large, star-shaped, blade of ice (Imagine a windmill shuriken) attached to a long, 15 foot chain. The two men swongs their bats and hit Strah, one to her forehead and the other to her stomach, where she stood momentarily motionless. "Tch. Why must humans be so reckless and stupid.." The men become extremely frightened and begin to run away. Without a moments hesitation, she swings the chain around one of the men's neck and drags him back. she then throws the star at the other man, slicing his torso in half like a guillotine. The star then hits the ground and becomes wedged in the ground. Strah then pulls on the chain, snapping the man's neck and killing him instantiously.

Looking at the chaotic scene she created, she begins to calm down and the chained star reverts back into the necklace in her hand and her claws revert back to her hands and feet. She then turns around to the sound of clapping, which was coming from Sangoran. "I liked that. Despite the painful headache I have now, I really thought you did pretty good." He complimented her. The look in her eyes, her demeanor, and her facial expression all change at once. Her eyes begin to water as she drops to her knees, crying. rain drops begin falling from the sky and both begin to get drenched in the rain. He walks over to her, stepping through the small streams of bloody water being washed away with the rain and covers her up with his jacket. "Come on. This is the second time i've done this for you. You don't need to get upset over this. Now let's go back to the hotel and i'll make you some hot tea and you can relax." He said as with a comforting tone. She then abruptly comments as she stands up. "Please don't brush it off like it's nothing! All I do is kill! I don't wan't to kill people again! This curse is-" She is suddenly cut off by Sangoran, who smacks her in the back of her head. "Your so block headed kiddo." He said with a light chuckle. "I told you who I was when we first met and so did oyu. That just makes us two peas in a pod. And so what if all you do is kill. So do I! Just remember i'll always have you back and if you ever do forget, I will slap you in the head again, got it?" He ranted on. She replies with a nod and a smile. The smile then turns into a look of concern. "Do you have an umbrella or something?" She asked. "I'm tired of getting wet. Also, why aren't we walking? You promised some hot tea when we got back." She added on. "Are you listening Sang?" She asked as Sangoran began runnig down the road toward the hotel. "Hey! Don't run away form me!" Strah yells as she chases him down, ready to beat him to a pulp when she catches up to him.

(I wasn't sure if the sample was needed, but it gives a better look into the actions and fighting style when she goes berzerk. Also, if possible, do u think when going berzerk her sourupowa equaled that of a high-cap or low-gen? Considering that is something that isn't well controlled in anyway possible.)

The original Hybrid! I did? I mean, I DID


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Ryu Takata
Mid-Captain Class

Character name : Ryu Takata

Clan : None

Disease : Zoanthropica
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 123
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Age : 24
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Character sheet
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15/15  (15/15)
2500/2500  (2500/2500)

PostSubject: Re: Strah Privezak (Demon){NPC}   Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:31 am

I am not sure about saying Low gen. the sample was good but to answer your last question I am afraid that it is impossible at the moment. However considering the Bezerk mode as an affliction she has I can say with confidence that the rank of High-Captain to her is very very feesable and also just before you go any further I would suggest that you make a seperate account for her because as it stands, you would be the only one gaining Stats. So make a new account with her name, start a blank chara sheet and copy/paste this one into it. once that is done I can officially approve this. Good luck, and it was very enjoyable to read.

HUH!?! Anata wa watashi no kōchō o kobosa aete shimasen!!!! (don't you dare spill my brisk)

Techniques: 1.
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Strah Privezak (Demon){NPC}
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