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 Ryu Takata Gate training (all will be posted here when I am eligable)

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Ryu Takata
Mid-Captain Class

Character name : Ryu Takata

Clan : None

Disease : Zoanthropica
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 123
Ryo : 19144
Fist Bump : 0
Age : 24
Location : Heaven/Earth

Character sheet
15/15  (15/15)
15/15  (15/15)
2500/2500  (2500/2500)

PostSubject: Ryu Takata Gate training (all will be posted here when I am eligable)   Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:52 pm

.:Gate 1- Ichiban:.

Earlier in the day Ryu had been summoned into Kami's mansion. He walked a long corridor, only looking down to notice the splendid gold floors that adorned the hall. He was walking towards a bright light that marked the entrance to Kami's throne room. He emerged into the large open space, the light nearly blinding as his eyes adjusted to it. He looked upwards to see Kami sitting atop her majestic throne. The silver and gold inlays complemented the overall feeling of majesty. Ryu took his place at the foot of her throne and knelt in reverence, the archangels watching him ever so closely. Kami looked towards Ryu and said,

Ryu Takata I am sending you forth to train with the 9 gates. These are 9 very powerful angels that will teach you the fundamentals of training your body to withstand the power that the gates bestow. You will head off to training ground 1 immediately and receive further instructions upon your arrival. The gates will appear to you when you are eligible to train in them. Do you accept this? Ryu lifted his head high, and looked upwards at heaven's mighty ruler.

Yes, my liege, I gracefully accept these terms, He said before rushing off towards the training ground.

When he arrived he spotted 3 hooded figures with numbers embossed on their cloaks. Their wings were folded downwards, and were gray with age. They approached him and the first began to introduce himself.

I am the first gate, Ichiban, I will train you how to unlock the power deep within. The second approached.

I am the second gate, Niban, I will train you how to further your power advancement The third stepped forward.

I am Sanban, I hold the power of the third gate, which is also the highest you can unlock at this point. Ryu looked at the three before responding

So shall we begin, Senseis Ryu bowed as Ichiban stepped forward. Ichiban raised his hands and placed them on Ryu's shoulders. He felt a rush of energy flow through him as Ichibans hands made contact.

Congratulations Ryu that power has begun to unlock Ichiban. Ryu looked up in happiness.

Wow that was a lot easier than expected Ichiban chuckled.

We are not done yet, unless you can defeat a beast that I spawn in 5 minutes the power I placed in you will unlock the Ichiban and it will tear you apart Ryu's eyes bulged.

Wait, WHAT!!! Ichiban laughed once more.

Don't worry, if you win than your body will have unlocked the gate naturally and no harm will be done. Get ready though because I am Spawning the beast now. Ichiban slams his hands to the ground, a crack forms as a large claw bursts from the ground. Upwards leaps a large Wyvern (dragon that stands on two back legs rather than all 4). Its shrieks of fury began to pop Ryu's eardrums, The Wyvern began to attack Ryu furiously. Ryu was dodging the hits for the most part, that was until the beast slammed Ryu in the stomach with its tail. Ryu coughed up blood as the Wyvern retracted its tail, and snapped at Ryu. Ryu rolled to dodge before the beasts jaws enclosed upon him. Ryu stood, cuts bleeding from where the Wyverns claws struck, and Hunched over holding his stomach where the tail had hit. One more attack like the one the Wyvern had just completed, and he would be dead. Once more the beast charged. Ryu's eyes snapped wide open, as adrenaline took control, or at least he thought it was adrenaline. He dipped to the side without realizing and leaped onto the Wyverns back. He had 30 seconds left and this attack had to count. He gripped the Wyverns wings in either hand, and slammed his legs into its spine. Afterwards he began to tug with all his strength. 20 seconds left, and he heard the tendons snap. 10 seconds left, and he felt the scales rip apart. And finally with time running out, Ryu walked away, a cyan colored aura covering his body, and a Wyvern's wings in either hand, as the beast fell back into the earth. The aura around Ryu disappeared along with his wounds, along with the wings he had in hand. His clothes seemed to repair themselves as Ichiban stepped forward.

Congratulations, you now know Ichiban, now for the fun part Ichiban laughs as the second figure Niban steps forward.

.:End of Ichiban Training:.

HUH!?! Anata wa watashi no kōchō o kobosa aete shimasen!!!! (don't you dare spill my brisk)

Techniques: 1.
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View user profile , http://www.battlecitygwhs.webs.

Character name : Azmot

Clan : Dai-Ruct

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 4 Demons

Male Posts : 239
Ryo : 32543
Fist Bump : 3

Character sheet
61/61  (61/61)
61/61  (61/61)
10790/10790  (10790/10790)

PostSubject: Re: Ryu Takata Gate training (all will be posted here when I am eligable)   Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:25 pm

Well, Angels aren't gates, but I assume this is a metaphor and is just their name/rank/teaching position, so...

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Ryu Takata Gate training (all will be posted here when I am eligable)
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