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 Inner Journey, Ryu discovers his sourusodo's nickname

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Ryu Takata
Mid-Captain Class

Character name : Ryu Takata

Clan : None

Disease : Zoanthropica
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 0 Demons

Male Posts : 123
Ryo : 19144
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Age : 24
Location : Heaven/Earth

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PostSubject: Inner Journey, Ryu discovers his sourusodo's nickname   Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:29 am

Ryu sat meditating in a patch of grass, parallel to a large tree, that marked the border of training ground 1. He stood up, and began to contemplate the meaning of his sword. He had realized some time ago that it granted him speed, but he was not sure why. His superiors had told him about their sourusodo, or soul sword's nicknames. Nickname, how can my sword have a name?, Ryu thought as the question burned in his mind. Earlier when he had asked a fellow angel how he had learned, he simply told him, meditation, and patience. What the hell is that supposed to mean. Ryu was being nothing but patient. He had already spent most of the day at the training ground. Contemplating what his swords name might be. he jokingly said "Kazeken" but brushed it off as a simple jest. He even went as far as to call it "Enraiha" as to jokingly emulate the kannagi's legendary fire sword. He was beginning to grow annoyed, so he resolved to just plunge the sword into the soil, and sit cross-legged in front of it, placing his hands on his knees. Ryu began to feel drowsy the longer he stared into the hilt of his sword. Eventually he simply fell asleep, as if not even being prompted. When He awoke he realized that there was a deep fog that had rolled in. That's strange, Ryu thought. The weather here is always perfect, i mean it's heaven. Ryu stood up slowly, and reached for his sword, only to realize that It was missing. He frantically flailed around in a wild search for the lost weapon. He looked forward to see a trail that looked like a sword had been dragged through the sand. He walked forward, carefully tracing the path to its origin. He was puzzled as the sandy turf he was accustomed to began to meld into a concrete style reminiscent of the anglo-saxon castles of olden times. He looked upwards to see the clouds msway as if someone was flying up there. He resolved to go investigate, but when he went to spread his wings. He realized they were also gone. I can understand losing my damn sword, but my wings. something is not right here. All of the sudden Ryu spots a staircase, leading up to a large castle door, inlaid with gold, and ivory. As Ryu ascended the staircase he heard a loud rumble, then crash. He darted up the stairs so as to investigate further, not realizing that the stairs behind him were disappearing. He burst through the door, revealing the grand interior of the hall. The lights were dim, but were emanating from the small fire pit in the center, which in Ryu's opinion did not do justice to the grandeure of the hall. Ryu took a few steps in before hearing a loud echo emanate from the back room. A large four-legged beast came from the shadows, It spread its wings, and fluttered them before folding them back into a relaxed state. It opened it's beak, and much to Ryu's amazement, began to speak...words.

"Hello Ryu Takata, I have been expecting you for quite some time now." The beast strolled towards Ryu and curled up into a ball on a large cushion that served as it's throne.

"Who are you? Where is my sword?" Ryu said with an upraised fist, the other arm pointing at the beast. The beast looks up, and cracks its beak again, but this time its face contorted to look kind of like a smirk.

"In due time child, in due time. Your sword on the other hand does not exist in this place, for you see this place, is your sword." Ryu stood angled backwards as if in surprise.

" sword?" The being stepped forward, and spoke once more.

"Yes, your sword. Now on to business. If you want to unlock my actual power, you of course must solve a few riddles first. Three to be exact. Here is the first, contemplate it well. I am a sword that cuts not flesh, even the most acute of shields cannot stop my divine wrath. When the battle ends, and your muscles fade away, I remain until the day of your judgement". Ryu sat confused, but amazed at the intricacy of how those words were woven. It was only after about an hour or so that the angel finally understood.

"Being, the answer is the mind. The mind is the sharpest of blades, that not even a shield can hinder."

"Hmmm, excellent. Here is your second. I am a constant figure in the day, but at night I am absent from your presence Ryu looked at the being in dismay.

"HA, too easy, the answer is shadow. For a shadow follows you through the day, but disappears in the dead of night."

"Impressive, Now for the third. What is my name?" Ryu was stumped, the experiences today made him feel as if he had learned nothing. The nickname of his sword was still foreign to him.

"Look into your mind young one, only then shall you know the answer." Ryu looked inwards, and examined himself.

"Ryu...Ryu...Ryu...I control wind, My sword shares these abilities. A sword of wind a ka... i GOT IT...Kazenoken!!!!" The griffon stared at him in reverence.

"I never thought that you would get it this quickly, have won, and on that note, its about time you be getting back. You know, before everyone thinks you're dead" A cyclone of wind surrounds Ryu as he is lifted into the air. Suddenly Ryu jolted awake. He checked his side, only to find his sword still there. Then he checked his back, his wings were attached. He stood up, and sheathed his sword, and walked away towards the angel's districts. Nice to meet you.... Kazenoken.

HUH!?! Anata wa watashi no kōchō o kobosa aete shimasen!!!! (don't you dare spill my brisk)

Techniques: 1.
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Bakuto Masaki
Low-General Class

Character name : Bakuto Masaki

Clan : Masaki

Disease : Zoanthropica
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PostSubject: Re: Inner Journey, Ryu discovers his sourusodo's nickname   Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:20 pm

Well done. Now you know your sourusodo's nickname.
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Inner Journey, Ryu discovers his sourusodo's nickname
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