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 Taming the Beast

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Bakuto Masaki
Low-General Class

Character name : Bakuto Masaki

Clan : Masaki

Disease : Zoanthropica
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PostSubject: Taming the Beast   Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:17 pm

Bakuto sighed as he sat down in a meditative stance with War nearby. She with the help of another managed to erect a barrier that trapped himself with her. The reason why is simple After much research and a few interrogations made by War on individuals that had Zoanthropica they had found a way to get him to control it. He needed to fight and tame a mental representaion of his transformed state in his mind. But while this is happening, his body will transform and go on a rampage. Hence why they where in a barrier and War was there as well.

"You sure this is what you want Bakuto-kun?" War asked with concern. Bakuto was her favorite student, well, her only student but still, she didn't want to kill him if he ended up becomeing completely a beast. Bakuto just nodded. "Yeah. I feel I am ready for this. And with you here fighting my monster side out here I'll feel much better." War just sighed at this. "Ok. Just be sure to win." War says before grinning. "After all, with that new power under your control it will mean more fun in our spars!" Bakuto just sighed at this before entering his mind and his body was engulfed in sphere of darkness as it began to change.

(Inside Bakuto's Mind)

Bakuto looked around his mindscape and blinked as he saw Murakumo flying by. Appearently the Beast had already started destroying things and Murakumo just happened to get in it's way resulting in him getting sent flying. Bakuto then sighed as he pulled out his copy of Murakumo as the Beast came with in his site and he dashed forward while entering Sanban. The Beast saw this and opened it's mouth with a roar and charged as well.

Bakuto quickly slashed at a leg earning a thin gash before have to jump away to avoid a slam but got hit by a tail and sent flying into a large rock. Getting up, Bakuto cursed as he used Warp Step to dodge a Hallowed Flash from it. 'This is just great.' He thought as he readied his own Hallowed Flash and launched it at the Beast. 'I hope War is holding me back.'

(Out in the Real World)

War was having the time of her life keeping Dragon Bakuto at bay while in Yonban. She at first thought she might harm him badly but after takeing one of Kazehana's Slipstream Blade Punches and still be standing shattered that doubt and made it fun for her. She really underestimated the hardnest and density of his scales and now isn't worrying about killing him. 'Though I could do without the Hallowed Flashes and energy balls.' She thought as she Warp Stepped away to dodge another Hallowed Flash.

She then had to quickly duck then jump to avoid two tails before the third one hit her and sent her flying. Though as she got up she kept smiling. "Damn this is fun! Hope Bakuto is haveing a blast as well!" She said aloud as she dashed forward.

(Inside Bakuto's Mind)

'I am so not having fun!' Bakuto thought as he was now in Goban and warpstepped away from another Hallowed Flash and unleashes a Hallowed Barrage on the Beast with a few scoreing a direct hit on the left eye making it roar out in pain and surprise as it temporarilly lost eye sight from the left side. Bakuto then used this as an oppertunity to Warp Step close and unleash a point blank Hallowed Barrage only to make it roar and send him flying with a claw slap. Bakuto managed to right himself in midair and kicked off a boulder he was going to crash into just as the Beast unleashed another Hallowed Flash. Bakuto landed on his feet and panted. He could see his Beast self also panting before gathering large amounts of sourupowa at the tips of his tails and seemed to be merging them together as he rose his head to it as it started growing. 'Well, this is not good.' Bakuto thought as he looked on. 'Seems like a beam attack being charged. Which means it will take a while to get fully ready. This could be the opening I need.' He then grinned. 'And I got a great plan! Make sure as soon as he's ready to launch it to shut his mouth tight! It will blow up in his mouth and weaken him to the point where I will control him!'

(Out in the Real World.)

War was starting to get a bit worried when she saw Bakuto seem to be gathering sourupowa at the tips of his tails. From the feel of it, this attack coming would easily be S rank and would easily bust the barrier around. She could only hope Bakuto wins soon. Because if he didn't she would be forced to put him down and that would break her heart for some reason. "Please Bakuto-kun." She whispered. "Win soon!"

(In Bakuto's Mind)

Bakuto has his mist spread out near the Beast's head and watched as it engulfed the sphere of energy and pointed his muzzle towards him. Bakuto just smirked as his mist sprang up into the forms of chains and wrap around the mouth tightly. As the Beast struggled with opening his mouth, the sphere of sourupowa exploded inside dealing a deadly blow and makeing him fall to his kneesand his tails fall to the ground.

Bakuto then walked up with a smirk as he saw more chains of black mist come up and restrain the Beast causing him to moan in discomfert. Bakuto just chuckled as he saw Murakumo doing this. "Looks like you've won." His sourusodo said as he finished chaining the Beast up makeing Bakuto shake his head. "Yeah but with a lot of luck with him being a mostly mindless beast." Murakumo just nodded to this. "A victory is still a victory though." Bakuto just sighed at this. "True. Well, I got to go. Got to take control of my body and all." Bakuto finished before leaving.

(Real World)

War blinked as she saw the Dragon suddenly stop and slowly start to shrink in size until it shrunk to the size of a human. It then began to revert back into a tired looking but smilling Bakuto who looked at her. "I won." He said before passing out. War just sighed and walked up to him. "Good." She said as she picked him up. "That's what I wanted to hear." She then left with him to get him somewhere to rest.
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Character name : Azmot

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Usable Gates : Ichiban

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PostSubject: Re: Taming the Beast   Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:43 pm

Assuming that this is your Topic for aquiring the ability to "Beast Out"... It looks completely acceptable. Good Job, Bakuto.

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Taming the Beast
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