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 Not to play games (Gate Training- Sanban & Yanban)

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Character name : Azmot

Clan : Dai-Ruct

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 4 Demons

Male Posts : 239
Ryo : 32543
Fist Bump : 3

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PostSubject: Not to play games (Gate Training- Sanban & Yanban)   Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:13 pm

Azmot walked through the sullen valley, his attire consisting of his normal semi-formal suit. His Tie fluttered in the wind, while he was forced to keep his hand over his hat to keep it from blowing away. His sword had no sheathe today, just held in Azmot's hand. Eclipse's glimmer challenged him, making him want to slice everything he saw into pieces. But, alas, he could not, for he was here to train and surpass Narora. He had set up four, specially augmented, training dummies, which resided in a square formation. He had placed special talismans on each of them, ones that made it impossible to destroy one without hitting them in the right order. However, Azmot mixed up the talismans so that he would not know which one to hit, and had to rely on his Angelic instincts.

Easily, though, he could transmute the earth and cause spikes to jut from it, destroying them all at the same time. However, the point of this training was to increase his instincts, as well as unlock the Sanban. Unlocking gates were different for each person... Some required anger, others love... Azmot needed extreme focus. So, this would be a good way to test his focus. He walked towards the focal point of his training, the direct center, and brought his sword up in a fighting stance.

He felt his surroundings, focusing intently on the one he guessed was right. There was no way of knowing, for sure. Everything he did was a complete guess. He just had to trust his instincts, to focus on everything. It wasn't possible for most humans, but Azmot truly believed that he could do it. Focus on the entirety of the universe. Already, this plain want to focus was swelling power inside him, wanting to burst from it's seams.

Eclipse, get ready! Azmot told his partner, who chose to remain silent. It was always a shock for weapons when their owner entered a gate, a sort of power surge that Soursodo's handle. Though, from the feel that Nothung was releasing, it's proper owner could tell that it was ready.

"Alright... NIBAN!" he yelled, skipping Ichiban and heading straight into the second gate. Behind him, near the lower left statue, Azmot felt a heat. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was going to eliminate it. Turning, Azmot slashed at the object, revealing to be none other than the dummy itself. To Azmot's surprise, it gave way, revealing to be, in fact, the first statue. He tried to feel around for another heat, but he wasn't able to sense any of it.

He closed his eyes once again, imagining the corridors of his mind. A gigantic box, locked tight, appeared. There were no intricate designs on this box, not was there a name, just a large, silver padlock which did NOT want to be unlocked. It almost called out to others "If you open me, I will surely die." The idea intrigued Azmot, seeing as though even the top of the box was locked, a big hole stood in the middle of it, Allowing free access. Flying through, Azmot discovered himself.

He wasn't sure what he saw... It was more like a feeling, really. A constant spiral of colors, each representing something important to him. One was his parents, another was colored "Eclipse", and then there was a strange color he had never seen before. It reminded him of something, someone... Daisuke. It reminded him of Narora. It was the color "Friendship."

Looking around the box, Azmot noticed that it had a screen on the wall, one that projected what his body was seeing. Right now, the eyes were open, focused. The Angel could feel his body changing, becoming different. He was entering a new Gate, the Sanban!

Trying to go back, Azmot found that he was stuck in this box, the hole closed. He could not feel Nothung, completely separated from others. His body, though, turned and Slashed another Dummy, also appearing to be the right one. Punching the screen, Azmot attempted to break through. Unfortunately, all attempts were futile.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" he screamed, his voice strained to his maximum. A whisper, barely audible, could be heard.

If... you want to get out... walk through that black door. Let us both out... Azmot.

It spoke in slithers and whispers, but Azmot understood clearly. He wasn't wary that it said both, he just wanted to escape. But there was no black door. He looked around, everywhere he could see, but could not find a door. He focused on where the wall was, where the whole had been, and attempted to make the whole re-appear. Nothing. This was his mind, wasn't it? Why couldn't he help himself? Tears threatened to roll down his eyes, but he pushed them back. He willed, wanted, NEEDED, for that door to appear. Anywhere. Somewhere. A click could be heard throughout the room, a door appearing behind Azmot, on the Screen. Quickly, he exited his own mind.

If Azmot had been outside, if he had stayed moments longer, the whole would have opened, and he would have safe passage out. However, he didn't. Once that door opened, so did the Box's top, releasing a purple-eyed Figure. It stayed in the box, though, waiting for the time to strike...

Azmot awoke from his trance, questioning his time in his mind. He looked behind him. Two dummies left. His hands were that of Sanban... But something else was different about his body. It felt a bit more dirty, used... He wasn't sure. Regardless, he still could not find more heat signatures. Two more, and all he had to do was hit the RIGHT one. If he hit the left or right, he had a 50% chance of winning. However, if he lost, the talisman would explode in his face.

The Purple-Eyed figure laughed at Azmot's dilemma, placing a single hand on the screen.

Hear me... Focus on my voice. Unleash your inner potential, Azmot... Make yourself stronger, a more useful vessel!

Azmot heard whispers in the back of his head, but he couldn't make them out. However, he was suddenly a lot more focused, more in-tuned. Concentrating, Azmot let his power swell, for the next gate to be realized.

"EXTREME....FOCUS!" Azmot bellowed, letting all near know his strength. The hotspots were easy to find now, a joke compared to before. Azmot stabbed backwards, eliminating the dummy to his back right. Then, with a turn, he slashed the back left one in half. The power of Yanban coursed through his veins, giving him a new source of energy!

The shadow in his mind, however, still lurked, whispering to him in the nights rest...

My name, it would say , is Darkness......

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Bakuto Masaki
Low-General Class

Character name : Bakuto Masaki

Clan : Masaki

Disease : Zoanthropica
Usable Gates : -

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 3 Demons

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PostSubject: Re: Not to play games (Gate Training- Sanban & Yanban)   Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:43 pm

Yonban Approved. You can put it up now.
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Not to play games (Gate Training- Sanban & Yanban)
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