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 Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai [4 Parts]

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Daisuke Kirai
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Daisuke Kirai

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PostSubject: Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai [4 Parts]   Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:06 pm


Today was a rather bad day. It'd been raining, causing the boy's hair to be wet and clinging onto his face. He was cold, and wanted to simply find a nice place to rest and sleep. As he found a suitable cave to rest in, Daisuke looked around for burnable objects. Fortunatly, someone had been here before, leaving a barely used fireplace to be reused again. Letting out a happy giggle, the boy ignited the wood with one of his infamous Fire Arrows, almost blowing the towered wood away again. But, it stayed ignited. As he got close to the fire, Daisuke put his drenched clothes off, and warmed himself at the fire. No one was around, so why bother? Letting out a content sigh, Daisuke laid down next to the fire, not threatend by it's severe heat. As the heat and exhaustion got to him, he felt himself at his own mercy, falling asleep.

Unfortunatly for this kid... someone had been waiting for anybody to take refuge in the warm cave. He had prepared the slightly burned wood, and had been standing nearby for hours in the rain.

The man's eyes burned in an eerie poison green, just as his curly, blonde hair clinged into his face, due to the rain. His face was round, and quite young looking, much like Daisuke's. His clothes consisted of a mixture of green and black. His green longshirt got covered by an extremely long black coat that almost touched as the ground, whilst his black jeans reached over his elegent black boots. his smile was wicked, and for his nice appearence and origin, he was evil.

The blonde boy, an angel in race, softly floated down towards the resting figure of Daisuke. He landed next to the sleeping demon, making barely a single noise, not even throwing up and dust. Letting out a weak, rather high pitched chuckle, the stranger bent down towards Daisuke's face.

"You know... you look kinda cute... for a demon. But soon, it won't matter anymore. You'll do as I say anyway. Once I've broken your will..." The angel silently said, not wanting to wake his victim up.

As he placed a hand on the sleeping 'beauty', the angel began to utter words that are barely comprehensible. As he chanted, his large amount of Sourupowa went into Daisuke, causing him to twitch slightly. His work done, the angel moved out of the cave, returning to his observing spot.

Daisuke found himself quickly in a different situation.

In his dreamworld, the boy was playing around with Narora. The male angel who acted more childish then usual, (due to Daisuke's childish mind) laughed and joked with the boy. He played tag, didn't mind when the ex-soldier climbed on him and constantly carried a soft smile. They were toying around in a large grass field, where butterflies were around, other animals just as a soft breeze. The scene was abnormally peaceful, and the boy even sang out of the pure happiness he felt.

"What is this place,
filled so many wonders?
Casting its spell that I am now under!

Squirrels in the trees~!
And the cute, little bunnies~!
Birds flying free~!
And bees with their honey~!

Oh, what magical place!
And I owe it all to the angel race~!
If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve~!
I'd have come here sooner and never leave!

Yes, I!

The dream Narora, seeing Daisuke sing, quickly sang along, magically knowing the words himself. Even Akasha appeared out of no where, singing along. This was the best dream Daisuke had in quite a while! Enjoying himself fully, the boy sang with his imaginary friends, dancing a little.

==Into the Nightmare==

Suddenly though, the happy environment grew darker and darker every second. As Daisuke stopped to sing and dance because of this, his friends did so aswell. All of them looked confused around, as the ground shock shortly, causing cracks to appear everywhere. The forest animals from before ran away, and the sky darkenend into a blood red. Even the sun itself grew a mixture of red and purple, giving the entire place quite a nightmarish shade. As the boy turned towards Narora, wanting to ask what's happening, he didn't look into the same eyes as before. The blood-red eyes of Narora were almost burning now, a strong red glow eminating from them. Slightly confused by this, the boy looked at Akasha, only to find the same. Her previously green eyes were shining red. And niether of them said anything or did any movement. They didn't even breathe.

"Narora...? Akasha...? Are you two... alright?" The boy carefully asked, a little scared of both of their strange behavior. Narora, after a small time, moved forward towards Daisuke. Although not with this smile of his when he was about to pat the boy or alike. Oh, no. His face was hard, like when he's going to fight an enemy...

"I'm sick and tired of you, Daisuke. You always go on my nerves. Don't you understand that I want to be alone sometimes? You're always around me when I'm around. You damned pest. I should have never made friends with a demon." The dream Narora said, whilst slowly unsheathing his Sourusodo, looking extremely mad now. The glow in his eyes made the pupils not visible anymore.

Daisuke, scared, moved backwards. Why was Narora doing and saying this? Narora would never...

The last thing Daisuke could do before the nightmarish Narora hit with his blade was let out a shocked screech. Jumping away, and landing rather clumsily on the ground, Daisuke was shortly paralyzed out of fear. But he knew, that if he wouldn't stand up now, that the Narora he didn't know anymore would strike. Standing up, the boy also pulled his Sourusodo, Doragon, and pointed it towards the angel. In response, he only let out a chuckle.

"You don't listen to your superiors, do you? Die quietly, and I'll promise to make it quick."

The boy let out a grunt, lifting his sword high. He felt as though he had no chance against the angel, but he had no choice but to fight.

==Into the actual Battle/Training==


The angel (fortunatly) got cut off by Daisuke who was now finally into action. Using one of his previously learned Warp Steps, the demon was able to counter the man's attack by hitting his face with the butt of his sword. The man reared back, his anger only flaring like a fire. As the angel quickly ran towards him, faster then Daisuke could comprehend, the boy could only block his sword with his own. Grunting under the power the man bared, the peaceful boy got forced on his knees.

"Please... please, Narora! Stop! Stop it!"

But Narora wouldn't quit. Instead, he stopped the clash, repositioned his sword to now avoid Daisuke's, and slashed again. The boy awoke from his fear, now his survival instincts kicking in. Two arms, coming from his own shadow suddenly held Kyuketsuki in its place. The angel grunted, staring Daisuke right into his eyes. In response, he let go of his Sourusodo, suddenly giving the boy a punch. Not expecting this, Daisuke got forced against the ground, skidding a little under the force the angel had. Kyuketsuki got dropped down, and Narora quickly picked her up. Daisuke forced himself up, beginning an even clash between him and the angel. Strangely, he seemed to be only barely weaker then Narora, but this quickly changed...

As the dream Narora suddenly yelled, his Sourupowa exploded around him! Only in shock could Daisuke see that the angel grew more and more powerful the second. As he got forced away by the aura, Daisuke himself activated his Sanban, hoping that it'll be enough. As they both raced towards each other again, Daisuke stopped giving mercy. Feeling his inner warrior activated, he began to fearlessly battle Narora. The angel was fast, and strong, but seemed to not be able to counter many hits. Using this to his advantage, the boy suddenly flung a Fire Arrow from close range at Narora. This move was so foolish, that it was unexpected, making a direct hit. The angel reared back, giving Daisuke the moment to strike. As he jumped forward, attempting to give Narora the mortal blow, the angel quickly slashed the air. A Gestuga Sendou flew towards the boy into the air, its power screaming through the air.

The boy had no chance to dodge anymore. He was in the air, suspended.

Hit by the merciless attack, the boy flew into the opposite direction. Blood immediatly flew from his chest, as he made quite a distance. The hard ground didn't give in as he skidded across it, and the fact that a sudden cliff was there didn't help. As he fell down, the boy hit the walls multiple times, each time doing a large grunt in pain. Daisuke landed at the bottom, his entire body aching. But he was also sure that Narora couldn't follow him here...

Thought wrong.

Looking up, the boy suddenly saw the man, his body in bruises. Grinning, the male did what Daisuke wanted to do before.

The mortal blow. His Katana cut straight through his back into his chest where his heart was.

Feeling an intense pain, the boy let out a cut-off yelp. But his mind quickly faded, and his vision grew black. He stopped to feel his body, and a distorted laugh from Narora echoed through his ears.

==Fight 1 end==

Suddenly waking up, the boy found himself standing in Twilight Town. The always dusky town was empty... but it had the same atmopshere as when they first met. He heard a voice behind him, causing the boy to turn around. As he did so, he saw Narora walking towards him, with two ice creams in his hands, smiling.

But his eyes... were still glowing red.

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Sourupowa Training - Daisuke Kirai [4 Parts]
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