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 Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)

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Narora Senoku
Founder/Low-General Class

Character name : Narora Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
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Age : 23

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PostSubject: Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)    Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:47 pm

Narora opened his eyes when he felt his feet hit the ground. Kyuketsuki had called him in to talk. She didn't say anything besides that. He turned his head left and right. And eventually spotted her at her signature table with two cups of tea on each side. She was back in her normal dress again.

(Akasha's Look: )

"Kyuketsuki..." He stated. He had done this before, and last time he had gotten a frying pan to the face, he glanced over at it. Hell, it hung near countless others and they all had dates on them.

He ignored them and gave a bow. His right hand was touching his left shoulder as he bowed at the waist slightly. It was a Vampiric bow that Kyuketsuki had pounded into his head. Usually done to those of 'Shinso' blood, or something like that. She had said something about it, and also stated that when he gained her True Name, he would, by default, get Shinso blood as well. All he knew about the blood, was that it was enhanced Vampire Blood. The strongest, she had told him.

But he pushed that aside and joined her when she nodded.

He began to grow impatient. Before she would start to talk just after a few moments of his seating, but now, it had been over three minutes...

He put his cup down, having finished it. And looked at her, she somehow still had tea left... what was she doing? Drinking it by the molecule?

He ignored the thought and spoke. “Kyuketsuki, why have you called me here?” He asked softly. Best not get hit by a pan again... He shivered at the thought, but looked at her again.

The woman paused, set the cup down, and opened her deep green eyes. When she would become angry, they would change to the same shade as his own, but gain a Cat-Like slit for a pupil.

He noticed that every now and then... his would too. But only if he was extremely angry.

“Just to, 'bond' as you could call it...” She stated, and trailed off slightly.

Narora blinked and raised an eyebrow. “'Bond'... Wadda ya mean, Kyuketsuki?” he asked. He was confused by this new development in her. Hadn't they bonded enough? Hell, it was like they were Mother and Son!

“Not the bonding you may be thinking of.” She stood up, brushing the imaginary crumbs off of her dress. “The Bonding I'm talking about, is for my True Name.” She stated.

Narora's eyes widened a fraction. That bonding. Now he knew. “Well, what do we do?” He asked. He was utterly confused. He had never really bonded with a Sourusodo before. Only enough o learn her Nickname...

“Well...” Akasha started. “First, lets start by letting you hear my name.” She started. “My name, is ------ ----------.” Her voice went mute again, just like the hundreds of other times. He blinked, and shook his head.

She gave a sigh. “Not even a letter?” She asked, and again received a negative. She blinked and sighed. “This... will be harder than I thought... well!” She started again. “First off, lets start by telling secrets. While I do know about your body, I have no access to your Memories. And even if I can see and hear through your senses, I cannot watch all of the time...” She ended her explanation/suggestion.

Narora nodded and thought of some things. “Well, if I do, then... can you tell me, a little of your past?” He asked. It was actually a very large question. Because whenever he brought it up, she would always avoid it or mumble.

Akasha let out a small gasp through her nose, and closed her eyes. She nodded. It needed to be done. To get stronger, they would need to know each other. “Alright... I'll tell you.”

Narora smiled gratefully and started...


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Character name : Azmot

Clan : Dai-Ruct

Disease : Not Diseased
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 0 Angels / 4 Demons

Male Posts : 239
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61/61  (61/61)
10790/10790  (10790/10790)

PostSubject: Re: Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)    Sun Nov 20, 2011 5:52 pm

Eh. Take 8 percent?
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Kaiden Senoku {NPC}
Low-General Class

Character name : Kaiden Senoku

Clan : Senoku

Disease : Hemophiliation
Usable Gates : Ichiban

Angels/Demons Killed : 10 Angels / 10 Demons

Male Posts : 49
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)    Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:57 pm

(I can take that.)

(Also, word of warning, I’m pulling this completely out of my ass)

"It started a long time ago." She said. Narora had a remark in his head about calling her old, but held his tongue for fear of another... frying pan. When he didn't talk, Akasha continued, "I won't tell you about when i was born, but i will tell you a bit, up to the point of my daughters birth..."

"I met a man by the name of Issa Shizuen. I thought it was love at first sight. He was so handsome, and he was still very Young. Not only that, he was also part of the Shizuen family. They were a very powerful family in the Vampire Society, holding over 30% of the total power. The other 90% was held by the Shinso." She closed her eyes as she spoke about her past. Skipping some parts and finally getting to a good part... to her at least.

"Then came the day of the wedding." Narora almost tuned her out at this, but stopped himself. He needed this training. This was all he was going to get, and if he didn't listen, or she found out he wasn't listening, he would not get as much training as he wanted, or get a frying pan to the face again... or both! ...Yeah, both!

"One thing lead to another, and eventually, I was pregnant with another of his children. Having already given birth to, two daughters, he was expecting a boy, but he was slightly disappointed to find it was a girl. Now, he was by no means cold hearted. Despite not having a boy, he loved all of his daughters the same."

"But when my last Daughter was born, we had named her Moka, she was very ill. A weak child from birth, and if we did nothing, she would have died. So, without Issa's permission, i gave my own power and blood to her, hoping to keep her alive. That his how I died, and that is how I got here. In your mind, Narora-kun."
She smiled sadly at the last part.

Narora nodded as he put his head down. Kyuketsuki didn't even know if her daughter was still alive. He would have to look into that.

He saw his body turn transparent and begin to vanish. He was waking up from his meditation. "Well. Look's like... we'll have to put my past on hold, Kyuketsuki." He smiled.

Kyuketsuki nodded, then blinked. "Wait, Narora. Before you vanish, hear my name, one last time." Without waiting for a response, she started. "My name.... Is A--sh- Bl-----i-e-." And that was all he heard before he left...

(I'm ending it here. Other things to train in.)

This is an NPC.
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PostSubject: Re: Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)    

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Bonding Training (Closed) (Multi-parted)
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